Watermelon, Lime and Mint Juice

watermelon juice

The weather is starting to get humid and scorching hot again. Cooling down to some nice fruit juices will make it more bearable. This watermelon juice has added ingredients that will surely whet the appetite and make you feel tropical.

watermelon juice

I would like to share this ‘observation’… (let’s call it an observation rather than a claim) I think to get juice out of watermelon, the best equipment to use would be the blender. Now, I could be wrong because maybe those high-end, really modern kitchen gadget juicer could get juice out of watermelon without much fuss…but previously I tried to juice watermelon using a fruit juicer and it ended up looking like I made a massacre of the juicer. Watermelon as you know, is 90% water. There is not much pulp or fiber, save the seeds of course. My juicer, which is a reasonably priced brand, just could not make clean work out of the watermelon. In the end I felt I wasted more juice, and made more mess. So for this recipe, it was really breezy to just blend everything in the jug blender.

watermelon juice

I was having a naughty thought that this would be so great with some kind of booze like vodka (watermelon and vodka…perfect match) or tequila because of the lime. But had to make kid-friendly version…the party will have to wait.





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