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AFF Korea – Kimchi

How can one not do kimchi for Korea month? Kimchi is like the heart and soul of Korean cuisines and although it’s mainly served as a side dish, kimchi is very versatile and can be converted to many other dishes. Households in Korea even have special fridges just to keep their kimchi because when there […]

Rice Month – Sweet Sticky Rice and Mango

This will be my last post for the year. 2012 has been…. eventful, half the year I was preggers so it was more being pregnant and leading up to the day Sarah was born. She came just in time before Christmas and before the new year.

Rice Month – Bibimbap (Redone)

Here’s another rice recipe….I say this conflictedly because I’m starting to get sick of rice….not that there’s anything wrong with bibimbap….I am currently in my confinement month and have been eating mostly Asian food that goes with rice. Under normal circumstances, my household would never eat rice 3 days in a row. To have to […]

Rice Month – Loh Mai Kai

Whenever we have dim sum for brekkie, hubster would not fail to order his favourite loh mai kai. Unless the shop has very good standards for loh mai kai, my constant peeve with them is that they tend to be overly greasy. I hate greasy loh mai kais. I get that they need a certain […]

Puff Pastry – Apple Turnovers

This other half of theme week puff pastry would be the sweet desserts. I love apple pies but sometimes I dread making them because one; the process can be a bit tedious, two; when you make apple pies, you don’t make tiny ones for yourself, you’d usually make a whole pie! But a whole big […]

Puff Pastry – Parmesan Cheese Twists

This is one of those recipes where I can’t believe I waited so long to make and when I did make it, I can’t believe how easy and hassle-free it was and when I ate it, I can’t believe something so simple could be so good. To think I could’ve serve this at parties or […]

Puff Pastry – Spinach Pockets

Hello readers!! It’s that time again, theme week and this time it’s all about puff pastry. When I say puff pastry, to be precise…I’m using store-bought puff pastry. Homemade is totally fine and even better but as always….I HAZ NO SKILLZ…yet. So for this whole theme week, I’m using two sorts of puff pastry; one […]

This is…..PASTA! – Fusilli with Roast Pumpkin, Bacon and Feta

It’s theme week! Wow, time whizzes by when you’re occupied. Theme week this time would be all about pasta. I would try to offer a variety of pasta dishes that can be easily made at home. The only extent I didn’t venture into would be to make pasta noodles from scratch. Not because I don’t […]

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