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Ayam Percik

In the spirit of Ramadhan, I thought I’d do some local dishes popular during this time. I must confess, I have never had ayam percik before so when I planned to do this dish, I would have no palate reference to say. But trusting my fellow bloggers who are more experienced, I took it on […]

Pork Belly Braised in Soy Sauce (Tau Eu Bak)

Initially when I first heard of this dish, I thought to myself, well….sounds rather salty. But I guess it’s not so much the salty type of soy sauce but the dark one that gives it the colour and enhances the braising liquid because dark soy sauce is not as salty as the light one. I’m […]

AFF West Asia – Falafel

When I heard there is a Middle East theme as one of the AFF cook-alongs, I knew I had to make falafels. We had a bloggers gathering months back and we each decided to make something that would adhere to AFF themes. Of course I have never made falafels in my life and the drama […]

Pandan Chicken (Chicken Wrapped in Screwpine Leaves)

The origin of pandan chicken is still a little vague and there has been a lot of dispute about where it came from, but it is majorly a Thai dish but the funny thing is, I was first introduced to pandan chicken from a Nyonya restaurant although this dish is not Nyonya. Being a lass […]

Puff Pastry – Mini Sausage Rolls

I did a post some time ago about making homemade Hot Italian Sausage meat. Now the whole purpose of doing that was to make biscuits and gravy while the other reason was for these little beauts…sausage rolls!

Hot Italian Sausage…..mix & Spaghetti and Meatballs

***WARNING; This post contains images of raw meat. If you’re squimish, turn away now. Did I mention how much I love Southern food? Well, I do…although technically, I have never tasted like real, authentic Southern food (eg; southern fried chicken, collard greens, shrimp and grits, cornbread, anything Cajun or Creole), but just reading about it or […]

Homemade Chipotle BBQ Sauce…and some personal notes

A lot of things happened in the last two weeks, first I had a nasty ‘accident’ with the kitchen knife. And the culprit again…is the prominent garlic. Everytime I get nasty cuts on any of my digits, it always stems from the garlic, I don’t know why, maybe the Garlic God has something against me […]

Scoop-A-Soup! – Rasam (South Indian Soup)

When I was still under employment, my colleagues and I would occasionally flock to this Indian economy rice place in Damansara Utama. People would line up outside their little stall for their array of dishes like fried chicken, fish, curries and typical Indian vegetables. I won’t say that it was THE best, but it was […]

Zucchini & Corn Fritters – Back 2 Back

Ever since I started this blog, I have this tendency to purchase certain ingredients I normally would not buy on a normal basis and think of what I can do with it at home. This time round, it was zucchinis. I’m not a big fan of cucumbers, but strangely…I like zucchinis or courgettes. Whenever I […]

A Halloween dare…..Pumpkin Salsa Soup

Spookified soup  It’s Halloween people! Initially I wanted to make a roast pepper, pumpkin and apple soup but something went wrong with my peppers. It’s probably my fault. I roasted the peppers, peeled off the skin and seeped them in olive oil, but I forgot to put them in the fridge, I thought you don’t […]

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