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Italian Sausage Soup

I have sort of a love hate relationship with soups that have pasta in it. To me, once you add pasta to a soup it becomes more of a stew because the starch would thicken the broth and suck up all the liquid. I like more liquids than chunks of ingredients. But this soup, I […]

Chicken Soup with Goji Berries and Ginger Wine

Wow, it’s Feb of 2015. After Christmas everything was a whirlwind for me. My parents were around during Christmas so I made a big Christmas meal to commemorate their presence and of course, celebrate all things good in life. While it was such a challenge to have to plan and do the whole meal on […]

Chicken Soup with Old Cucumber

Let me confess, I have a small repertoire when it comes to Asian soups, not the spicy ones like Tom Yam and all but more those for family with small kids ones. My hubster and kids love soups. Like love, love. Me…I can live without them. But for the others, if I have to make […]

Kimchi Soup

Wow, it has been a long hiatus hasn’t it? The last two months has been a whirlwind of crazy, what’s more the little ones had a bad stomach flu and was puking literally everywhere and on everything. I had to be careful about what they eat before they could ingest like solid food again. Not […]

Pork and Chives Yaki-Gyozas and Gyoza Wantons in Miso

I love to eat all sorts of pan fried dumplings and gyozas are no exception. I think it’s great that you can custom make it to any kinds you like. The first time I made gyozas was several years ago. That’s a long time ago I know but I’ll be first to admit that I […]

MFF Sarawak – Cha Zhu Mien (Fried Braised Noodles)

I thought I would try to squeeze in one more recipe before MFF Sarawak Month is over. This is Cha Zhu Mien – literally means fried and then braised noodles. My mom would make this often at home or maybe she makes it only when I’m there because I’ll be the only one asking for […]

Tonjiru (Japanese Pork Miso Soup)

I just came back from a short weekend trip to Port Dickson. I love to visit small towns because there are some things you’ll find that are much cheaper to acquire than in KL. My latest haul were some baking equipments (below).

MFF Sarawak – Hoongan Chau Chai

This is my FAVOURITE noodle dish to eat when I get home. Not so much mee suah or laksa or kolo mee. ‘Hoongan‘, ‘kampua’, ‘cha chu mien’ and ‘kueh chap’ are what I look forward to. This noodle is mainly SOUR and sour to the max from the preserved vege (chau chai). As if that […]

Tuscan Bean Soup

Bean soup….hmmm, I don’t really get the concept of bean soup because for us here in Malaysia, that’s more of a hot dessert thing. But I’m game to try anything Italian because I find sometimes the name sounds fancier and harder than it really is. The weather is a bit wonky these days. It gets […]

Ham Choi Soup

I had problems trying to shoot this bowl of soup without making it look so…..for lack of a better word….’peasant-y’, but I gave up after changing props a few times and decided that if this is how it should look, then it’s how it should be. Ham Choi literally means ‘salty vege’ but in Hokkien, […]

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