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Butter Fried Rice with Pan-Seared Salmon

This dish is inspired by the rice. We went to our favourite western food restaurant and they have this dish which was simply called butter rice. Now I had many butter rice in my time but their’s was definitely different. When the dish came to our table, it looked sorta….tacky (for lack of a better […]

Salmon Baked in Foil with Lemon and Garlic

Last Tueday we celebrated hubster’s birthday. Now although it is tradition we have practised in our family to have ‘ang jiu mee suah’ on all birthdays, frankly that time I just didn’t feel like I had the energy nor the capacity to cook a whole mee suah meal. And I have never bothered to make […]

Rice Month – Kedgeree

Kedgeree (ked-je-ri) is such a unique name for a rice dish. This dish originated from the UK and is commonly made with smoked, salted fish like haddock or cod. But I can’t get stuff like that here so I just used fresh salmon. But I think it’s okay to use any sort of fish to […]

Sambal Egg and Prawns

Ever since I learnt how to make my own sambal tumis, I’d like to keep at least a jar of it in the fridge for a quick nasi lemak meal whenever I feel like in the mood. But with this sambal tumis, you can use it to make many other dishes and this is one […]

Nasi Lemak….from scratch!!

For the longest time, I put off making nasi lemak…..but it is one of hubster’s favourite dish and my reluctance was that, this dish itself has a basic of 6 ingredients or should I say 6 different elements on plate. You have the lemak rice (coconut rice), the sambal, deep fried anchovies, roasted peanuts, hard-boiled […]

Prawn Fritters and an announcement….

Hello, my lovely loyal readers….I’m far from gone just slowing down a bit and to owe you an explanation, this is where the announcement part comes in, I have a second bun in the oven! I’m 7 weeks into my first trimester and unfortunately, am having some slight complications which my doctor has advised me […]

Lurve week……..and Simple Fried Fish

I attended a bridal shower 2 weekends ago, this was the day before the bloggers CNY pot luck, why am I writing about this, cause the bride-to-be is getting married TOMORROW! Woot woot! And also to show you all the yumminess that was prepared for a somewhat high-tea cum dinner gathering…complete with a chocolate fountain! […]

Guest Post – Chef Dad and his ‘Long Mien’ (Egg Noodle Soup)

‘Long‘ in Foochow means ‘egg’ while ‘mien‘ is ‘noodles’. Although it translates to just egg noodles, this dish has many other ingredients to make it super-special and CNY-worthy. My Dad has been waiting to contribute something to Feats of Feasts but since he doesn’t cook all that much, we both had to wait till CNY […]

Fish Maw Soup (Ko Ro), Foochow Style

This quintessential dish for folks in Sitiawan is much celebrated and loved and my husband is no exception. A friend from the same hometown posted a picture of the ko ro she cooked up in FB and I managed to get in contact with her to obtain the recipe. She gave me the ingredients and […]

Sesame Prawn Toasts

This used to be such a popular dish in the 80’s but I know that Kylie Kwong did have this recipe in one of her books or shows. I don’t know why people stop making them here. It’s actually a great appetiser that stretches the use of shrimps / prawns. And it’s also another idea […]

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