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Chicken with Bean Salad

I actually found this recipe in my stack of old recipe cards. But I can’t remember where they’re from….like a magazine or something. I tweaked it a bit in terms of the dressing and ingredients and came up with this. Initially I wanted to do a parmesan crusted chicken but I was lazy to break […]

Burger Quest #1; Beef-Pork Burger and Back 2 Back

I love watching Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, it shows how simple food can be so delicious when done right, especially when everything is made from scratch. So in the show, they showcased all sorts of food. I know everyone has this thing about searching for the perfect steak, or perfect pasta or perfect pie etc […]

Chicken Tikka Pita

Hubster came home one day and announced that he needed to be on a low-carb diet. *sigh….that to me means, amp up the protein which portion-wise is not all that economical compared to certain carbs. But I try to give him what he wants but low-carb main meals can only do so much when you’re […]

Eat More Vege – Asian Inspired Broccoli & Romaine Salad

Now this is what I call an experiment with happy results. I had like bits and pieces of so and so left in the fridge and neither was enough for a whole dish in itself. So I decided to do some sort of salad but didn’t want to go down that Western dressing route. There […]

Stale Bread – Panzanella (Bread Salad)

I’ve decided to start theme week today because of personal reasons…hehe…I wish to submit some of these recipes to The Sweet Spot’s giveaway. But nevertheless, I still promise you recipes that I hope will help you use up that popular leftover ingredient. What is it? I’m talking about STALE BREAD! Yes, this time I don’t […]

Grilled Whole head of Romaine Lettuce

Grilling lettuce is not uncommon nor is it something new but I was apprehensive about it at first because I thought cooking the lettuce like that might just make it taste like burnt paper. But I had a whole head of Romaine in the fridge and wanted to finish it quickly. I was pleasantly surprised […]

Ballads of Salads! – Homemade Croutons

I want to share 3 of my favourite croutons recipes. I always believe that if you can make it yourself, go homemade. I’m not sure about other countries but in Malaysia, store-bought croutons are not the cheapest thing in the world. I know I keep talking about how food stuff is pricey or that ingredient […]

Ballads of Salads! – Shrimp and Avocado Salad

Avocados are such a great ingredient. Not only do they have great health attributes, they’re really delicious. You’ll find avocados commonly in Japanese eateries where they make special sushis out of it. I love avocados, I don’t think there is anything about the taste or smell that is unappealing, frankly I think they make delicious […]

Ballads of Salads! – Egg and Bacon Salad

This is a recipe from Nigella’s Kitchen, Egg and Bacon Salad. She mentioned that this dish is an 80’s thing and that people who still long to eat this would give away their age. 🙂 I think for me and for most people, that don’t really matter cos I would never say no to the […]

Ballads of Salads! – Cous cous with Roast Veges & Spam Sprinkles

I love cous cous, mostly because it needs no cooking whatsoever. It’s really one of those healthy instant meals where you just add hot water. This dish came about because of some leftover vegetables in the fridge. Rather than letting it go bad, I thought why not just eat it with something plain, but instead […]

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