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Ayam Percik

In the spirit of Ramadhan, I thought I’d do some local dishes popular during this time. I must confess, I have never had ayam percik before so when I planned to do this dish, I would have no palate reference to say. But trusting my fellow bloggers who are more experienced, I took it on […]

Roti Jala

I love roti jala. I love the process of making it as much as I like eating it. When I was still in Kuching, I have never even heard of such a thing to go with curries. I was living in my little shell thinking that there is only roti or rice to go with […]

Sweet Potato Mash

I was making roast chicken one night and did not check my pantry to see if I had enough ingredients for sides. I pulled out a single sweet potato. Sometimes stuff like this happen in the kitchen where you can’t figure out how things get to one itsy bitsy bit. So, mash it is then.

MFF Sarawak – Kachangma (Chinese Motherwort Chicken Soup)

This dish was really a ‘love it or hate it’ dish during our childhood. Technically, it is a dish more commonly eaten during a lady’s confinement period because the motherwort herb is said to improve circulation. But it has become so common in pot lucks and food drives that people just find any occasion to […]

Thyme Roasted Chicken and Sweet Potatoes

Thyme is my new favourite herb, not lemon thyme (yet) but the savory one. I so fell in love with thyme when I made my chicken roulade with roast veges. I have this itchy feel now that if I roast anything without thyme, it will come out below par.

Chicken Tikka Pita

Hubster came home one day and announced that he needed to be on a low-carb diet. *sigh….that to me means, amp up the protein which portion-wise is not all that economical compared to certain carbs. But I try to give him what he wants but low-carb main meals can only do so much when you’re […]

Spicy Buttermilk Fried Chicken

I had some buttermilk left from making the biscuits and gravy for the tea party, actually there was quite a lot left so one thing I’ve always wanted to try with buttermilk is to make buttermilk fried chicken. I haven’t set foot in KFC for a long time, not because I dislike fried chicken but […]

A long, overdued meet and Chicken Roulade

Last week was THE week of eats!! I had two appointments and both involve a good amount of food. I also received a notice saying there will be water disruption around my area. I cringed at the thought of having to re-schedule or miss out those appointments so I decided to just go with it, […]

Aromatic Chilli Chicken

I don’t really buy women’s magazines…BUT if I do, I’d always go for the cheap sales where it’s like RM1 a copy (old issues of course) or I buy current Women’s Weekly, cause they come with a section on Home and Cooking. Each copy of this magazine has a page of recipe cards. The cards […]

Hawaiian Chicken Jalapeno Poppers

I managed to come across some great jalapenos lately. And RM2.50 for a box of 12. Quite a steal. I never ate jalapenos in the whole before and was excited to see if I could down them. I keep hearing of jalapeno poppers and there has been many versions to this recipe. I did a […]

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