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Italian Sausage Soup

I have sort of a love hate relationship with soups that have pasta in it. To me, once you add pasta to a soup it becomes more of a stew because the starch would thicken the broth and suck up all the liquid. I like more liquids than chunks of ingredients. But this soup, I […]

Pan Mee

My hubster and I LOVE pan mee. We each have our favourite spots for pan mee but we both agree on the same place when it comes to the dry chilli pan mee. I have always thought of making this at home but I do not know the first thing about making pan mee. The […]

MFF Sarawak – Cha Zhu Mien (Fried Braised Noodles)

I thought I would try to squeeze in one more recipe before MFF Sarawak Month is over. This is Cha Zhu Mien – literally means fried and then braised noodles. My mom would make this often at home or maybe she makes it only when I’m there because I’ll be the only one asking for […]

MFF Sarawak – Hoongan Chau Chai

This is my FAVOURITE noodle dish to eat when I get home. Not so much mee suah or laksa or kolo mee. ‘Hoongan‘, ‘kampua’, ‘cha chu mien’ and ‘kueh chap’ are what I look forward to. This noodle is mainly SOUR and sour to the max from the preserved vege (chau chai). As if that […]

My Little man is 3…..

My eldest turned 3 last Sunday, sigh*…this little bub that used to be so happy with just milk and fresh diapers now knows how to operate his Dad’s ipad. We had mee suah for dinner, actually I think this was more for hubster than my son cause he’s contented to have just cake. Mee Suah 

Ham Choi Soup

I had problems trying to shoot this bowl of soup without making it look so…..for lack of a better word….’peasant-y’, but I gave up after changing props a few times and decided that if this is how it should look, then it’s how it should be. Ham Choi literally means ‘salty vege’ but in Hokkien, […]

Guest Post – Chef Dad and his ‘Long Mien’ (Egg Noodle Soup)

‘Long‘ in Foochow means ‘egg’ while ‘mien‘ is ‘noodles’. Although it translates to just egg noodles, this dish has many other ingredients to make it super-special and CNY-worthy. My Dad has been waiting to contribute something to Feats of Feasts but since he doesn’t cook all that much, we both had to wait till CNY […]

Home-Style Kolo Mee

I call this ‘home-style’ instead of ‘homemade’ coz that would mean you actually made the noodles from scratch. The noodles are bought from a vendor but everything else is home-cooked. Kolo mee is a common noodle dish in Sarawak. Mine don’t look like what they sell in shops at all (pic below);

Ang Chiu Mee Suah

Hi all, I know I’ve said before that the recipe for this dish would remain secret but I plan to submit this post to Heritage Food Trail. So for the sake of this reason, hope y’all would be okay with this repeated post and pictures.

Soba Noodles with Roasted Sesame Dressing, Mushrooms and Edamame

I’m not a big fan of cold noodles but I think the Japanese knew what they were doing when they came up with such dishes. I think with the right kind of dressing, it would taste delicious. One of their dressings that I absolutely heart* is this deep roasted sesame dressing (pic below).

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