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Ayam Percik

In the spirit of Ramadhan, I thought I’d do some local dishes popular during this time. I must confess, I have never had ayam percik before so when I planned to do this dish, I would have no palate reference to say. But trusting my fellow bloggers who are more experienced, I took it on […]

Roti Jala

I love roti jala. I love the process of making it as much as I like eating it. When I was still in Kuching, I have never even heard of such a thing to go with curries. I was living in my little shell thinking that there is only roti or rice to go with […]

Quick Chicken Curry

Now, I first want to clarify that this is a homemade curry but I’m taking the instant route by using a pre-mixed curry powder. At first I wanted to title this post as ‘Homemade Chicken Curry’ but I know that some purists out there would argue that with homemade curry, you have to grind your […]

Acar Awak (Penang Acar)

I will admit that I haven’t been contributing much to MFF ever since my last hosting for Sarawak, but this month is Penang month and that means a lot of yummylicious food and dishes. This acar really caught my eye and I do love a good acar. I have never tried this before and set […]

Rice Month – Loh Mai Kai

Whenever we have dim sum for brekkie, hubster would not fail to order his favourite loh mai kai. Unless the shop has very good standards for loh mai kai, my constant peeve with them is that they tend to be overly greasy. I hate greasy loh mai kais. I get that they need a certain […]

Sambal Egg and Prawns

Ever since I learnt how to make my own sambal tumis, I’d like to keep at least a jar of it in the fridge for a quick nasi lemak meal whenever I feel like in the mood. But with this sambal tumis, you can use it to make many other dishes and this is one […]

Pan Mee

My hubster and I LOVE pan mee. We each have our favourite spots for pan mee but we both agree on the same place when it comes to the dry chilli pan mee. I have always thought of making this at home but I do not know the first thing about making pan mee. The […]

MFF Sarawak – Cha Zhu Mien (Fried Braised Noodles)

I thought I would try to squeeze in one more recipe before MFF Sarawak Month is over. This is Cha Zhu Mien – literally means fried and then braised noodles. My mom would make this often at home or maybe she makes it only when I’m there because I’ll be the only one asking for […]

MFF Sarawak – Stir-Fried Midin

Ahhh, midin….the quintessential vege to indulge in whenever I’m in Sarawak. And it really is an indulgence because trust me, they’re getting more expensive and harder to find these days. This is because of tourism and the big restaurants are chalking up most of the midin supply. I don’t know if you can really ‘grow’ […]

MFF Sarawak – Hoongan Chau Chai

This is my FAVOURITE noodle dish to eat when I get home. Not so much mee suah or laksa or kolo mee. ‘Hoongan‘, ‘kampua’, ‘cha chu mien’ and ‘kueh chap’ are what I look forward to. This noodle is mainly SOUR and sour to the max from the preserved vege (chau chai). As if that […]

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