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Red Velvet and Cream Cheese Frosting

My little girl turned two recently. Do you know that making specialty cakes are not my specialty? And while I like to have more practise, I usually just do two cakes a year for my kids’ birthdays. But some practise is still better than no practise right? My hubster is quite picky with cakes. While […]

Apple Cake

I have been searching for a good apple cake recipe that doesn’t involve having to grate the apples or slice it into pretty thins and laying it out in a circle. Not that there’s anything wrong with such aesthetic but when you crave for some cake of some sort for tea, you want to skip […]

Plain Vanilla Pound Cake

I have mentioned many times before that my son is an avid lover of cakes, (he definitely got that from me and not his dad, haha) so every now and then he would ask me in his straightforward manner, ‘Mummy, I want cake please….’ and I would give in every time. Usually when I want […]

Zebra Bundt Cake

I’m gonna let you in on a little no brainer….a zebra cake is essentially a marble cake done differently. Although I have done a marble cake recipe before, I thought this cake technique-wise was more impressive and I’m sure a lot of you would agree with me. 🙂 So, I made this cake more for […]

Peanut Butter and Nutella Cheesecake

My boy recently celebrated his 4th birthday last week. We did a small do just among us family cause I don’t know if I could conjure up in me to do a party like his previous birthdays. But big main reason is because I dread the clean-up later. So ‘sien‘ to even just think about […]

Banana, Raisin and Nut Bread

I love banana breads. I first learned how to bake with banana breads. I love the idea you take something that has reached its due (overripe bananas) and then turn it into something even more delicious. I have made several banana breads in the past and with different recipes and I can’t say I was […]

A long, overdued meet and Chicken Roulade

Last week was THE week of eats!! I had two appointments and both involve a good amount of food. I also received a notice saying there will be water disruption around my area. I cringed at the thought of having to re-schedule or miss out those appointments so I decided to just go with it, […]

Parties, Culinary Drama, Review and a Wreath Cake…..

Ahhh, December….the month of gastronomic indulgence to celebrate the season’s cheer. December goes by very quickly because every other day or night is just another party or dinner at someone’s house or place. I recently had mine last weekend with a group of awesome people. There was a feast…of course they’ll be a feast, there’s […]

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