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Roti Jala

I love roti jala. I love the process of making it as much as I like eating it. When I was still in Kuching, I have never even heard of such a thing to go with curries. I was living in my little shell thinking that there is only roti or rice to go with […]

My 2013 Christmas Feast!!

Christmas of 2012 was really depressing for me…I just had my second child and was sort of high in this emotional roller coaster and while everyone was having a good time and getting in the celebratory mood…I was stuck at home tending to my girl and having to put up with a rather clueless confinement […]

Ham and Cheese Bread

I’m always on the lookout for new chefs’ in the culinary world, although I can’t say that this chef is rather new in particular. Lorraine Pascale has done some pretty awesome recipes, both cooking and baking that are easy to follow and a pleasure to watch. When she made this bread, I knew it’s something […]

Chicken, Egg, Mayo Sandwich Paste

This is my mom’s recipe. It’s her go-to recipe when she could not think of what to bring to a pot-luck or parties. I can’t recall exactly how she came up with this but I remember really liking it as a sandwich. Those days when I got older and school snacks were kind of canteen-staple, […]

Egg, Mushroom, Leek Pot

I saw this recipe in a video by Gary Rhodes. While I do not spend all that much money on recipe books (although once in a a while when BBW comes around, there is a definite splurge), I think I can confidently call myself, a cooking-show junkie instead. I just watch all kinds of shows […]

Burger Quest #2 – Pork Burger

I thought I’d try to squeeze in one more burger recipe before the cork goes pop. 🙂 This time, this burger is all pork. Pork burgers are a big thing here because they’re so rare and also not every outlet can do a good pork burger. What constitutes a good pork burger? If you ask […]

Banana, Raisin and Nut Bread

I love banana breads. I first learned how to bake with banana breads. I love the idea you take something that has reached its due (overripe bananas) and then turn it into something even more delicious. I have made several banana breads in the past and with different recipes and I can’t say I was […]

Hamburg Steak – Back 2 Back

Hamburg steak is just hamburger steak, why they call it Hamburg instead (like after the city in Germany), I don’t know. It’s actually a Japanese creation. I first came across Hamburg Steak watching Cooking with Dog. I’ve had hamburger steaks few times at Kissaten too. I don’t know if I’m super-enthusiastic about this dish because […]

Burger Quest #1; Beef-Pork Burger and Back 2 Back

I love watching Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, it shows how simple food can be so delicious when done right, especially when everything is made from scratch. So in the show, they showcased all sorts of food. I know everyone has this thing about searching for the perfect steak, or perfect pasta or perfect pie etc […]

Pull-apart Bread with 3 Cheeses

I’ve been seeing loads of this recipe on Pinterest and also several other blogs. They are calling it in several names; bloomin onion bread, pull-apart bread, flaming hedgehog….They were raving about how good it was so I thought I’d test that theory. Although it was more of an excuse to use up some leftovers (I […]

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