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Enoki and Asparagus Beef Rolls

It’s the third month of 2017 coming to a near end. How is everyone doing and especially to mothers of Year 1 kids? How are things coming along? Haha! I remember when my son went into Year 1. First two weeks were a lot of missing stationaries and torn books, or even spilt water all […]

Taco Rice (Takoraisu レシピ)

It’s been a long hiatus hasn’t it. A lot had been going on since the end of last year and towards 2016. One major thing that happened was that I got sick, really down physically and it took me like almost 3-4 months to feel normal again.

Spaghetti Bolognese

Now this was what the fuss was all about, making that marinara sauce from scratch and all. Spaghetti bolognese is probably the most eaten pasta in my house….I guess initially the kids and hubster tolerated it because they love my garlic bread (garlic bread is a must with bolognese), but of course I try to […]

AFF Japan – Korokke (Potato and Meat Croquettes)

Hello, hello readers…I know I have been MIA lately, actually for the whole month of September probably, haha. I’m doing a few things at the same time…J-man has been settling down steadily in his new school and I’m happy for that but that also means the dreaded word ‘HOMEWORK’! Mostly Mandarin homework which I have […]

Vege Lasagna Bake

Sometimes I have this tendency to buy certain ingredients that were not on my shopping list originally and decide what I’ll do with them later. Sometimes it turns out to be a good thing, sometimes it backfire on me, leaving me with an overloaded pantry of odds and ends. But I recently got myself a […]

Rice Month – Bibimbap (Redone)

Here’s another rice recipe….I say this conflictedly because I’m starting to get sick of rice….not that there’s anything wrong with bibimbap….I am currently in my confinement month and have been eating mostly Asian food that goes with rice. Under normal circumstances, my household would never eat rice 3 days in a row. To have to […]

Rice Month – Gyudon (Beef Rice Bowl)

I am currently in my confinement month but I would still try to keep my posts regular because the last time I took a break, it was kinda hard for me to get back into the groove of updates. I felt lazy or just couldn’t get my rusty brain to think. So, rather I would […]

Hamburg Steak – Back 2 Back

Hamburg steak is just hamburger steak, why they call it Hamburg instead (like after the city in Germany), I don’t know. It’s actually a Japanese creation. I first came across Hamburg Steak watching Cooking with Dog. I’ve had hamburger steaks few times at Kissaten too. I don’t know if I’m super-enthusiastic about this dish because […]

Burger Quest #1; Beef-Pork Burger and Back 2 Back

I love watching Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, it shows how simple food can be so delicious when done right, especially when everything is made from scratch. So in the show, they showcased all sorts of food. I know everyone has this thing about searching for the perfect steak, or perfect pasta or perfect pie etc […]

Stir-Fried Curried Cabbage

This was making use of the Raya bazaar selling all sorts of goodies. I bought some beef rendang home and had initially planned to pair it with some turmeric fried cabbage. But my turmeric was looking all wonky which I suspect it’s due to passed expiration date. So I scatter to find the best next […]

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