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Enoki and Asparagus Beef Rolls

It’s the third month of 2017 coming to a near end. How is everyone doing and especially to mothers of Year 1 kids? How are things coming along? Haha! I remember when my son went into Year 1. First two weeks were a lot of missing stationaries and torn books, or even spilt water all […]

AFF Korea – Banchan (Korean Side Dish), Seasoned Spinach

Here’s a simple, almost no fuss recipe for a banchan dish. While this is called ‘sesoned spinach’, I have found that you cant exactly use any sort of spinach especially since a lot of Asian vege are just labelled ‘spinach’ in English. To get as close to the original look of the dish, I think […]

AFF Korea – Kimchi Dumplings/ Mandu 김치 만두

Like I mentioned in my previous post, the objective of making all that kimchi was so I could cook up dishes like this! Kimchi dumplings or mandu as it’s called in Korea. I don’t know if calling it mandu means it needs to have a specific shape like rounded tortellinis as is the norm shape […]

AFF Korea – Kimchi

How can one not do kimchi for Korea month? Kimchi is like the heart and soul of Korean cuisines and although it’s mainly served as a side dish, kimchi is very versatile and can be converted to many other dishes. Households in Korea even have special fridges just to keep their kimchi because when there […]

AFF West Asia – Falafel

When I heard there is a Middle East theme as one of the AFF cook-alongs, I knew I had to make falafels. We had a bloggers gathering months back and we each decided to make something that would adhere to AFF themes. Of course I have never made falafels in my life and the drama […]

AFF Japan – Japanese Potato Salad

I have been seeing an influx of people making this recipe lately and since I have some potatoes left, I thought I’d do this yummy salad as well. This recipe again, belongs to the ingenious Nami of Just One Cookbook, something so simple and yet so satisfying.

Acar Awak (Penang Acar)

I will admit that I haven’t been contributing much to MFF ever since my last hosting for Sarawak, but this month is Penang month and that means a lot of yummylicious food and dishes. This acar really caught my eye and I do love a good acar. I have never tried this before and set […]

Pork and Chives Yaki-Gyozas and Gyoza Wantons in Miso

I love to eat all sorts of pan fried dumplings and gyozas are no exception. I think it’s great that you can custom make it to any kinds you like. The first time I made gyozas was several years ago. That’s a long time ago I know but I’ll be first to admit that I […]

Scotch Quail’s Eggs (Scotch Eggs 2)

I have been getting some readers’ rave after posting my bloggers get-together last Monday and some of you were curious to know the recipe for the Scotch Quail’s eggs. Although I have made Scotch Eggs before and have linked the recipe, some have come back to ask, ‘Well, what if I can’t find good sausages […]

Prawn Fritters and an announcement….

Hello, my lovely loyal readers….I’m far from gone just slowing down a bit and to owe you an explanation, this is where the announcement part comes in, I have a second bun in the oven! I’m 7 weeks into my first trimester and unfortunately, am having some slight complications which my doctor has advised me […]

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