Still out of it & Ribs and Bean Paste Stew

**Sigh….I never knew being preggers could make your senses so dull and brainless. I’d think I’d survive a zombie epidemic at the moment. I still have not made anything post-worthy but I did receive some good news about a competition I partook back in March. Will share the details with you soon.

Here is a dish I made a couple of months back from Wendy of Table or Two or more’s, recipe. What attracted me to this dish was the fact she mentioned you can drench your rice in the gravy, which to my husband, is like music to his ears seeing how much he adores flooded rice.

I won’t even bother to write down the recipe, you can head over to her site here. I followed everything to a T except I added some hard boiled eggs for my son and a tablespoon of dark soy sauce to make it darker. But other than that, it’s all in her recipe.

If you’re really such a noob like I am and don’t know what whole bean paste is…it is what they call ‘taucu’ when you come across them on market shelves. I got this jar and this is what it looks like. Remember to get the whole beans type.

This recipe is awesome because it’s ‘dump-everything-in-a-pot-and-leave-it-be’. I must caution on the usage of salt though because the beans are salty. So always taste before further seasoning.

This is something I would make again and again, except that hubster now needs to be on a low-cholestrol diet. *sigh…now it’s like I have to cater to 3 different taste buds in the house. I’m a pregnant mother that needs to EAT, my toddler can eat certain stuffs and not yet fully chewing on solid meat and hubster has to stay away from beef, pork and certain seafood. So ‘sien’, being branless at the moment and having to think of fixing what sort of meals everyday is such a chore.

Ah well, leave me to my rants and I hope you’ll enjoy this dish.

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6 Responses to “Still out of it & Ribs and Bean Paste Stew”

  1. Ricky Liew says:

    I LOVE flooded rice!! 🙂

  2. Jun says:

    My other half also loves flooded rice. I love my rice dry and fluffy. LOL.
    Your ribs dish looks really delish! Are you expecting as well? Congratulations!

    • Sharon says:

      Hi Jun! I also prefer dry rice. Haha. Yes, I have a bun in the oven but unlike you Im just into my first trimester. Hope the delivery will be smooth and fast!

  3. wendyywy says:

    I’m glad ur hubby has nasi banjir with this, LOL.

    Ur first pregs experience wasn’t similiar?

    • Sharon says:

      I think because when I was preggers with my first one, I was working so maybe didn’t pay too much to the symptoms. I remember the nausea and all but dont recall the dull senses…maybe cause I was forced to be alert, now at home different. Then again, I wasnt cooking all that much too that time. 🙂

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