Stale Bread – Meatloaf

I was always intrigued by the meatloaf dish and purposely took the trouble to make a special BBQ sauce just for this recipe. I do admit that this dish is a bit hefty for some stale ingredient, but bear with me, you’ll see what I do with the leftovers. This is my first time ever making a meatloaf, I really didn’t know how it should taste like or what the texture should be like but I did do my research and came up with this recipe. I absolutely love the result. Even if a meatloaf purist were to come and say that it’s not THE meatloaf, my gob would be too full of the lovely meat to want to muster a retort. I’d rather spend that energy savouring my hard work.

I don’t know if hubby enjoyed it as much as I did, or rather it was all too new for him too. He said it tasted a bit like meatballs. Hmm, I suppose in a way it does! I used lean beef for this recipe. Lean beef does not have much fat in it, I mixed it with some pork belly. After I turned out the dish, I realised I used a pan that is a little too wide, hence it didn’t look like loaves, more like thick biscottis. So if you’re attempting to make this, use a smaller rectangular pan but stretch the baking time.

If you’re wondering how I’d know it’s done on the inside…well, if you have a meat thermometer, use it. If not, I used this method where I stick a knife into the deepest centre, pull it out and touch my lips slowly with it. If it’s pipping hot, it should be cooked on the inside. But if you have no confidence, take out the whole thing, slice it and have a look. Which is why I foiled the pan up so you can take out the meatloaf easily or put it back should you need longer baking time.

 Chipotle BBQ Sauce

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5 Responses to “Stale Bread – Meatloaf”

  1. wendyywy says:

    Never had one, never made one. I must try making some meatloaf one day.
    But then again… BBQ sauce is never my thing. I’ll find a way around that.

  2. wendyywy says:

    Tea shops 🙂
    Try Legend of Tea, I think there’s one shop in One U, can google for it.

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