About ME

Reality; mother and wife
Alter Ego; Aspiring cook

I think if I were to describe myself and my style as a cook, it would be to;

‘Make everything once, do it at least twice….keep doing it for a lifetime.’

I have no professional training, my only accolade was a certificate to a cooking competition I won in school when I was 16, 2nd place. And I only participated because I wanted to escape the bothersome gotong-royong (community clean-up) they forced every class to do each month.

I placed a 3D pseudo-Michelin star there for self-motivation. Basically it says;
This certificate is awarded to SHARON CHIENG
for entering the COOKING COMPETITION and
getting SECOND PLACE hosted by the

The love for food and cooking flourished around the age of 19. From there, it was no turning back. Everything I’ve learned and honed, it all took place in my humble home-kitchen which I’ve transformed into more of a place of indulgence.

I say indulgence because that’s what food is to me. Special, evoking, intriguing, exciting and even chaotic. If cooking be the window to your soul, then the I think the dish is the manifestation of your emotions.

I would like to thank my mother who endowed me with the necessary basics, all those time prepping the menial onions, garlic, vegetables to washing pots and pans in the kitchen paid off. I used to hate doing those trivial tasks but never underestimate the power of simplicity. Very obvious and plain at first glance but intricate and complex nonetheless. If I didn’t have some basic knife skills from before, I think my fingers could’ve ended up a whole lot less than 10 digits right now. I even have some close-call scars to prove it.

I hope through this blog, you can share both my experiences and bliss when it comes to making food you’d like to eat. Keep trying and keep discovering. The kitchen is just four walls, food and cooking is a whole world.

‘Food for thought is no substitute for the real thing.’
Walt Kelly

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