Rice Month – Sweet Sticky Rice and Mango

This will be my last post for the year. 2012 has been…. eventful, half the year I was preggers so it was more being pregnant and leading up to the day Sarah was born. She came just in time before Christmas and before the new year.

If I were to be all reflective and philosophical, I’d say that life is forever changing, you cannot expect it not to happen and people are always changing, whether it’s for the good or bad. I once dated a guy who expected me to stay the same way I was when I was student till the time I was fully employed. My advice; don’t date guys like these. Be with someone who always wants to improve, who encourages and supports you to improve….because if you don’t, the changes surrounding you will swallow you whole. I am blessed to have a husband who constantly wants to develop himself and others around him for the better.

So let’s talk about resolutions….for my blog. 🙂 Well, after a year of blogging, I am loving it more and more and hopefully I have improved somewhat in areas of food styling and photography. So what would be the next step for the blog? Hmmm….earn some $$$$, haha! But seriously…it should’t be about the money first and foremost, it should be about love and passion for food and cooking. That is my advice for food bloggers who wants to start out. Don’t be bugged by the number of hits you get or be intimidated by other already established food bloggers, thinking you’re stepping into their turf. We all actually love to meet or talk with new and old bloggers, sharing and inspiring each other to be better with our cooking skills in the kitchen. I resolve to bake more bread, I resolve to make a whole cake (frosting and the works), I resolve to attend as many food blogger gatherings a I can and I resolve to do a giveaway in 2013.

To end the year, here is the last of my rice post. This is really a favourite dessert of mine because it uses one of my favourite fruits. The thing about this dish is that, you need really sweet, fleshy mangoes to make it superb. It’s pretty simple to make and assemble together and the coconut milk just gives it that all-roundness to the dish.




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3 Responses to “Rice Month – Sweet Sticky Rice and Mango”

  1. Phong Hong says:

    That is a yummy dessert that I look out for at Thai restaurants. Must try it on my own. Here’s wishing you and your family a Happy 2013 and all good things to come!

  2. Kelly says:

    Happy New Year! Funnily enough I have never tried this dish, the recipe seems easy enough though so I shall give it a go next time I have glutinous rice at home. Congratulations too for Sarah’s arrival, you must be so busy now!

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