Rice Month – Gyudon (Beef Rice Bowl)

I am currently in my confinement month but I would still try to keep my posts regular because the last time I took a break, it was kinda hard for me to get back into the groove of updates. I felt lazy or just couldn’t get my rusty brain to think. So, rather I would schedule this entire month of December as Rice Month! Initially I had planned all these recipes for theme week – rice, but since I can’t do much cooking for the next few weeks, it shall be rice month instead. This way it’s a win-win. My readers still get regular postings and I don’t get moldy. Haha. The next one month are all scheduled posts but I hope you’ll still enjoy browsing through them.

Let’s kick off with this Japanese favourite of mine….gyudon! I love the donburi dishes they have where everything is in one bowl with rice and you eat by mixing everything together. I saw this recipe from Nami of Just One Cookbook and was ecstatic at the simplicity of its prep but very fulfilling to eat.

I like to make this for myself when hubster is off travelling, it is a very comforting dish and very fast to cook, you can definitely adjust the portion to suit a family or more than one person but this recipe is for one.

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6 Responses to “Rice Month – Gyudon (Beef Rice Bowl)”

  1. Kelly says:

    I love Donburi! The beef version is lovely with the balance of sweet and savoury and it’s so easy to do!!

  2. Baby Sumo says:

    Looks great! Hope you’re enjoying your confinement… (makan apa? Ginger wine chicken everyday ah?)

    • Sharon says:

      ueek, cannot lah….by third day i was craving for steaks dy. Less gingery stuff this time round. Quite normal chinese food sans those few to expel wind. 🙂

  3. Hi Sharon! Thank you so much for trying this recipe and linking back to me. I’m glad you liked this recipe! Congratulations on the new baby! My mother in law made some special Chinese soup when both of my kids were born, too! Good luck with the 1st confinement month. 🙂

    • Sharon says:

      Thanks Nami, while i know the importance of all the boiled soups, im kinda craving for a nice bowl of gyudon just about now, or anything that’s a change from the herbs and ginger. haha.

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