Quick Chicken Curry

Now, I first want to clarify that this is a homemade curry but I’m taking the instant route by using a pre-mixed curry powder. At first I wanted to title this post as ‘Homemade Chicken Curry’ but I know that some purists out there would argue that with homemade curry, you have to grind your own paste and spices from scratch rather than use a pre-mixed powder. While I do not understand this logic, but well…for clarity sake, we’ll just call it a quick curry. I honestly do not think curry taste any less better made with curry paste or powder done by someone else but that’s just me.

chicken curry 2w

Chicken curry is so common for every household of any race. This dish came about with a craving to dip my crunchy pratha bread. Truth be told, I quite like the store-bought frozen pratha bread rather than the normal mamak roti kosong cause when you pan fry them, they get so crunchy and suck up the gravy of the curry beautifully.

chicken curry 3 w

This curry is just the basic-of-basics, I realise that you might add more spices and stuff like cinnamon or ginger to make more delicious….but if you long for a speedy curry with all the familiar taste and flavour, this can be a good satisfactor (if there is such a word). And the good thing is, you can put in more vegetables if you think potatoes are a little boring. Add some aubergines, or long beans or even okra are good options for this curry. Good enough to eat with your favourite roti, nasi kandar or roti jala which I will put up the recipe on the next post.

curry powder w The said curry powder….just as good.



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2 Responses to “Quick Chicken Curry”

  1. Phing says:

    What brand of premixed curry paste did u buy?

    • Sharon says:

      Hi Phing,

      No brand wo…like I walk into giant the spice section where they sell in packets, i see a packet of curry powder they state for daging or ikan or vege I just buy lah. It’s not paste, it’s powder. You just mix it with water to form a paste.

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