Pork Shogayaki and Donburi

pork shogayaki

I’m just itching to make a lot of Japanese dishes lately, partly to blame were the animes I watched on home cooking. There is not really a plot twist in here and true to anime style, the scenes are always exaggerated and dramatic but the anime really have it down when it comes to making food look irresistible.

Shokugeki_no_Souma_Volume_1 Shokugeki no Soma

Koufuku.Graffiti.full.1839150 Koufuku Graffiti

The animes made want to explore more Japanese simple home cooked food and this pork shogayaki really has all the right ticks. It’s delicious, easy, fast and filling. And you can have it several ways, on it’s own, with rice and other dishes or even in a donburi which is what I made here.

pork shogayaki


To give you more insight on what is donburi, it is basically a ‘rice bowl’ but different places have different styles of donburi;

tg_107fSource; TripAdvisor

pork donburi



pork donburi

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