Pork Belly Braised in Soy Sauce (Tau Eu Bak)

tau eu bak

Initially when I first heard of this dish, I thought to myself, well….sounds rather salty. But I guess it’s not so much the salty type of soy sauce but the dark one that gives it the colour and enhances the braising liquid because dark soy sauce is not as salty as the light one. I’m not sure what are the must essentials for this dish but what I do know is you need soy sauce, hence it would not be called ‘tau eu bak’. ‘Tau eu’ means soy sauce in Hokkien. The other things are the aromatics and spices like cinnamon, cloves and star anise.

tau eu bak

While I do like my spices, putting a whole cinnamon stick into the dish might be a turnoff, I like a little cinnamon but too obvious is no-no for me. So I thought that rather than use a cinnamon stick, I’d marinade the pork belly first with 5 spice because essentially you do have cinnamon in 5 spice, among other things.

tau eu bak

Also another essential thing, the gorgeous dark coloured eggs on the outside made so by the braising liquid and white and golden on the inside. Tau eu bak is such a homely dish and you eat it mainly with rice because you need the bland starch to soak up all the gravy goodness. There has been recipes known to put tau pok or tofu puffs in it and also adding some rock sugar at the end to give it that syrupy shine. But i just kept it simple.

tau eu bak

My family enjoys this dish very much, even my son who’s not so keen on pork skin just ate everything because braising it for few hours meant everything is soft and just falls apart in an appetizing way.


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  1. Baby Sumo says:

    Our whole family loves this dish too! You cooked it so well.

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