Milo Ice Pops

milo ice pop

Last week the weather got really hot and kid were begging for ice creams. Too much ice creams and the boy starts getting his chesty ice pops it is. How many of us when we were kids had ‘ice creams’ this way? It was the cheapest form of having a pop on a stick. Not that those in the plastic tubings were that expensive but I guess parents more often just use this to distract us since it takes a while to suck through everything .

Milo has been around for a long time. Milo was the first like chocolate powder drink for every kid. Milo ice pops were quintessential. But rather than in a mould, my mom would place them in mugs with a teaspoon sticking out. I’d rather make my own milo ice pops from the powder rather than use those ready packets of Milo drink.

ice milo pop

Making these is a no-brainer. If you are concerned about the amount of condensed milk here, for some reason this brand of condensed milk or this type is not that sickening sweet. Maybe because it is full cream. I know that if you use other types, their level of sweetness might differ. But this amount makes the mixture creamy and sweet but not crazy-sweet. I also added a bit of coffee powder, the coffee helps to bring out the chocolate taste more if that makes any sense.

milo ice pop

While freezing, some of the ‘sediments’ would sink to the bottom or the tip of the mould. That’s actually the best part because that’s where the taste is most intense.



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