Keep calm….have a Papaya Milk Smoothie

Sigh** I was contemplating on whether or not to share this but I guess if I have to explain it again and again to kind souls who ask out of concern, I would get very ‘sien’ (tired). Well, here’s the thing, little J-man was ‘rejected’ from his kindy…the gist of the story, he’s too active and they could not cope with him. I mean, call me ignorant but I didn’t realised learning centres nowadays can reject a kid if he’s too active or not their ideal student. I placed him in another kindy for a day and this one also was not ready to accept him but they were more cordial in the way they handled their explanation citing that he was probably not mature yet for kindy and would accept him back anytime once he’s ready.

Now, the more level headed, normal me would just brush off this problem and look for solutions quickly but lately a lot has been happening causing my emotions to go a bit cuckoo. I just gave birth and had been very sleep deprived, I fell sick with a fever due to an engorged breast while my hubster was away travelling and my son did go to school for 10 days but during the second week of school, he was a bit clingy and was crying every morning. So you put all this crappy ingredients into a basket case cauldron, you’ll most likely end up with a wreak. It was sooo overwhelming I just broke down and was pretty down for a few days. You know what’s worse? You have to consciously try and stay positive because being depressed will affect your milk flow and could even lead to post-partum depression. If there’s one thing, I do pride myself at; it’s being adaptable and able to make the best out of any situations but once in a while, nonsense like these will creep up to you and just tear you apart piece by piece.

But, I’m okay now…I think. I’m still sleep deprived but I’m not so hung up about J-man’s issue anymore. As it is like always….life goes on, it’s not the end of the world. We’ll just have to find the right solution for him. We have brought him to see a pediatrician for a referral and while she’s no psychologist, she could not see anything wrong with him except he IS hyper. In my days, that’s just considered normal but now, hyperactive kids are so quick to be labelled as ADD or ADHD or have some sort of autism. While I do acknowledge these are real problems and some parents do face these conditions with their children and are seeking help for it, I personally don’t think my son falls into these clinical spectrum. No, I’m not in denial….I won’t disregard the possibility of seeking a therapist, I’m open to anything but I feel that’s not exactly what he needs right now.

My logic tells me J-man is better off not going to that kindy but at the same time my heart breaks for him because on the last day, he was very happy to go to school and did not kick up a fuss. Occasionally I feel sorry for him when he picks up his hardly used school bag at home and asks to go to school. I am really grateful for a good friend who got me through this crappy period and was even willing to come and babysit the kids when I had my fever. She also took me to the hospital for a check up and bought food for us. She comforted me when I was just sooo miserable and came to visit whenever she could. Words cannot describe how grateful I feel.

So, now that the storm has calmed a bit and I am just about done ranting, I managed to sneak some time to write this post with a very cool drink recipe. This one was from my mother who called it papaya milk but I think it’s more of a smoothie. She did claim that it will induce more breastmilk but I’m rather sceptical because this drink uses ripe papayas, I thought only young papayas will give more breastmilk. Also, if that’s the case, I might as well just eat the ripe papaya as it is right?

But for whatever reason, this is a delicious drink with just few ingredients. Make it because the weather is hot or you need some detox of your bowels or simply because it’s awesome to drink.

papaya milk

This combination does remind me of that Vietnamese avocado shake drink. It is thick, smooth, creamy with a combined sweetness of the fruit and the condensed milk.

papaya milk 3 w

I would advise not to store this drink for too long because they tend to somehow coagulate into a tofu like state. Best to just consume it straight after making it.

papaya milk 2 w

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6 Responses to “Keep calm….have a Papaya Milk Smoothie”

  1. Gertrude says:

    I hope you are feeling much better now. Do take care of yourself and take whatever help you can get. I am appalled that the kiddies back home can reject your son. If it is here they will get sued by the parents. Kids will be kids at that age. They like to play and can’t concentrate much. My nephews were like that too. Take care ya.

    • Esther says:

      Hi Sharon, its tough being a stay at home mum without any help and having to juggle a new baby and an active toddler, you r doing your best, hang in there. Give me a call when you need help, i think i still remember some baby caring skills kakaka. As for the hyperactivity in Josiah, Jarrett was also very active and i realise it has a lot to do with his diet. I am normally pretty strict with what he eats, but even then, things which we grew up with and thought are good for growing up kids, may not really be for kids this generation due to the preservatives and other artificial ingredients. For example, one of the worst culprit that will almost instantaneously give my son a hyperactive jolt and send him into a summersalting frenzy is Ribena! I kid you not. I did a lot of “process of elimination” experiments and realise other bad foods for my son include msg and commercial yogurt ( especially kids brand, they are worst due to the sugar and colouring). Hope this helps. Trust your motherly instincts, and take it one step at a time.

      • Sharon says:

        Hi esther, thanks for the advice, im actually quite wary of his sugar intake, meaning no sweets, chocolates, sweet juices etc….but that’s not really the problem when he goes to school lah…he dont listen to people or talk to people he’s not really familiar with, that’s why the teachers cannot tahan i think. He would do his own things and not join the class. But it’s ok, i see it as their loss, it’s not fair to say something’s wrong with him after just 10 days of school.

    • Sharon says:

      Hi Gert, thanks for the support….well, i guess as life gets more complex, schools are getting away with just asking you to seek a therapist instead of dealing with the problem. Yes my son likes to play but he actually knows a lot of things dy, he just needed time to adjust. anyways, it’s ok, i also wont want to send him to this sort of school. Thanks for concern.

  2. Kelly says:

    Feel better soon! I don’t know how ‘hyper’ he is, but if you don’t have extraordinary trouble looking after him at home, I don’t think it’s pathological. Perhaps it’s just what they said, he’s not mature enough and maybe wait a little more.

    • Sharon says:

      Hi Kelly, thanks for your words, well…i guess home can contain his hyperness but outside environment may be different but i dun think it was as bad as they make it sound, maybe they just didnt want to deal with it and therefore claim he has a clinical problem. But…whatever….most geniuses cannot be accepted by society. (and here i am blowing my own horn shamelessly) 🙂

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