Indian Fried Chicken

Or should I call this mamak fried chicken? My husband loves nasi lemak. It’s in his ‘favourite last meals’ list. I’ve been putting off challenging myself to make nasi lemak for him because frankly, just the thought of it sounds tedious. A nasi lemak’s main components are; coconut rice, sambal relish, peanut and ikan bilis (fried anchovies), cucumbers and either a hard-boiled egg or a fried one. Each needs different cooking techniques. And that’s just the basics. To take nasi lemak further, you’d add some fried chicken, fried fish or even beef rendang.
Typical nasi lemak dish.

So, I’m taking my time to learn to make each component first before coming up with the final pièce de résistance. My husband has a favourite spot he’d go to for nasi lemak. Anyone familiar with PJ, Sea Park would know Millennium. I have no idea why it’s called that since it’s just a small space behind Maybank and they share location with this uncle selling bak kut teh.

Millennium’s famous for their fried chicken; served with nasi lemak. Although parking space is like next to none, people still throng to that place just to get nostalgic on their palates. I wanted to create my own version of their fried chicken and came up with this.

The biggest compliment I got from my husband……he said my fried chicken was better than Millennium’s. *Beam! *Beam! I’m one step closer to creating the ultimate nasi lemak. Next phase; tackling the sambal relish. Stay tuned!

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