Hong Shao Rou (Braised Pork Belly)

sticky pork

It is already the month of July through 2017. Where has the time gone???? We say stuff like this every year don’t we? Seems like for parents our year is scheduled more around exams and school activities for our kids and then you see that half a year has already gone. So of course, it is time to get back to blogging again, no matter how sporadic my postings may be.

The first time I saw this dish, I actually thought someone had slathered shellac all over the meat to make it look super-glossy. Mind you I was 8, I have never heard of caramelizing sugar and because my dad was in construction, I knew more about tools and home depot stuff than I do ingredients. As I got older, I still have no idea what makes this meat super-glossy, I thought it’s heck lot of oil to use on pork belly. So the magic of Pinterest once again exposes you to wonderful recipes and here I am trying out this dish for the first time which was surprisingly super-easy to make.

sticky pork 1cw

‘Hong’ in mandarin means ‘red’ whereas ‘shao’ means ‘hot’ and ‘rou’ is meat. So red-hot-meat. Sounds enticing doesn’t it? I really liked to eat this with mantaou or those Chinese steamed buns with shredded cucumber, but white plain rice will do the trick too.

sticky pork



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