Hamburg Steak – Back 2 Back

Hamburg steak is just hamburger steak, why they call it Hamburg instead (like after the city in Germany), I don’t know. It’s actually a Japanese creation. I first came across Hamburg Steak watching Cooking with Dog. I’ve had hamburger steaks few times at Kissaten too. I don’t know if I’m super-enthusiastic about this dish because it’s mainly a huge hamburger patty without the buns and some gravy on top but since I got some leftover burger meat from my Burger Quest #1, I thought I’d do my spin on a Hamburg Steak.

What is my spin? Haha! Stuff cheese to the middle! So it’s like a Hamburg Steak-Cordon Bleu combo. The side dishes are preferential but I stuck with the classic onion gravy because #1; I like onions, #2; I like gravy, #3; I like caramalised onion gravy.

The cheese in question that I’m currently crazy about is Calico cheese. Now, I did some research on this cheese because I was wondering whether Calico refers to a brand or the type of cheese. But I gather it’s referred to the type of cheese where you have two combinations of something on one block of cheese.

Most times it’s cheddar, while I’m not sure whether the other cheese can be any type but the type that I love at the moment is this cheddar and Monterey Jack combo. This cheese is really awesome for my baked pasta. Since I got like a smidgen of a block left, I’m experimenting how it would taste inside the hamburger steak.

If you’re worried as to how such a thick patty can cook all the way through to the middle, fret not. This steak actually uses the fry first then steam method. This method also ensures that the meat is moist and juicy rather than frying it all the way or oven bake it. I was apprehensive at first too but it worked for me so I think it shouldn’t be a problem.

Of course, I’m always nervous as to how the inside would look. If you cook anything that needs to ooze out something from the inside like a poached egg or a molten lava cake, you’re forever holding your breath for that one moment when your knife goes through the center (below).

And lo and behold….it is a breathtaking sight…… (phew!!)

Now isn’t that a gorgeous thing to behold? To see cheese oozing out like a calm spillage. The taste? Really unlike all the hamburger steaks I’ve had. Although some might argue that it is again; just a hamburger where you put cheese on it…what the heck…it’s awesome! And cheese oozing out from inside the patty definitely makes it more special doesn’t it?


Back-2-Back with;

Beef-Pork Burger

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6 Responses to “Hamburg Steak – Back 2 Back”

  1. WendyinKK says:

    Oh gawd!!!

    Can I snatch that from u?

  2. Baby Sumo says:

    My kids love hamburg steak aka hambagu. 😉

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