Egg, Mushroom, Leek Pot

egg leek mushroom pot

I saw this recipe in a video by Gary Rhodes. While I do not spend all that much money on recipe books (although once in a a while when BBW comes around, there is a definite splurge), I think I can confidently call myself, a cooking-show junkie instead. I just watch all kinds of shows that has to do with food whether or not it’s the ordinary recipe cooking shows or the reality type series and competitions. YouTube has of course made life that much sweeter for me in this case. I don’t even know who was Gary Rhodes before this but now I remember him as this chef with this insane Ace Ventura hair in the early 80s. Go find out his videos and you’ll know what I mean. 🙂

egg leek mushroom pot

So when I stumbled upon this recipe, I knew it was perfect to christen that bottle of truffle oil a friend gave me as a gift. I know truffle oil can be used for other things but I do not want to go with the usual dishes like mushroom soup or pasta dishes.

egg leek mushroom pot

The original recipe does not use truffle oil but I think this gives the dish a wonderful earthiness and also a little sense of high-class embellishment. Not to mention that these combinations of egg, mushrooms and leeks work really well together.

egg leek mushroom pot


truffle oil



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2 Responses to “Egg, Mushroom, Leek Pot”

  1. Kelly says:

    I can imagine the aroma and flavours. Yum!

    • Sharon says:

      Kelly, id never thought id say this, but i didnt miss any meat in here at all, was quite filling and satisfying on its own.

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