Edible Portraitures

I’ve created this new category just to showcase some photos I took of food or fresh produce because when I started out food blogging, this was how I trained myself to manipulate the camera and editing softwares to get a good picture. But it’s kinda sad that it’s just sitting in my dust ridden folder. I’d rather share it with the rest of you and maybe you can give me some tips on certain things like lighting and propping because God knows I struggle in those areas….and many other areas as a matter of fact. But shooting food portraitures is something I really enjoy especially when I see the end result and it’s kind of a nice change to not be in a rush to do recipes and take photos of dishes. Although a lot of these photos are experimental and maybe a little amateurish, I’m still quite proud of them. I like the simple look of food and how their colours, lines, motives and patterns can translate to something beautiful in a photo. So here’s my portfolio so far and I would love some feedback and also suggestions on what ‘subject-model’ would make a next good food portrait;

My very first subject…..

I really enjoyed shooting peppers….

Gorgeous red….

Butternut squash in half…

Burst of orange…

This is a series I shot after I came back from a trip to Cameron Highlands. It’s a combination of different sizes and colours of peppers, an aubergine and a zucchini. I really love how the colours come together against the light blue background.

This was my favourite, and of course after going through some edits and effects,
it became Feats of Feasts official logo photograph (below).

Some shots on fruits;

A slice of lemon, like glass art against the light….

Blueberries tumbling from a muffin cup…

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  1. Sonia says:

    These are awesome and beautiful !

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