Chinese Meatballs

This is one of my favourite recipes from mum’s kitchen. I call them Chinese meatballs for lack of a better name, but I suppose they sound more acceptable than pork balls. You can switch the protein up to any other meats you like but I always use pork for this recipe, simply because my mother always use pork herself. I even used these meatballs for a spaghetti meatball dish once but I left the mushrooms out, they were yummylicious!! I consider these my fail-safe mixture for many dishes like gyozas, stuffing, tofu rolls, or you can even drop them into soups. With this basic recipe, you just need to tweak a little here and there to suit the dish you’re making. But here is my childhood fav, deep fried!

Us kids would fight for these meatballs. The ones that helped to prep would have the privilege of first taste. But we had to resist from finishing the entire plate. I’ve made this several times for my son’s birthday parties, I made it into little appetizers or a main dish, I even skewered it with pineapples once. Either way, it’s always the first to go. Guests would rush for these meatballs and rave about it to unfortunate latecomers who can only look longingly at a polished plate, albeit a few crumbs here and there. Proof of what was once there.

I know it’s one thing to be full of superlatives for your own cooking, but this is my mum’s recipe so I’m giving all credit to her. She might’ve got it from an old cookbook, but it’s my job to ensure this stays in the family for generations and I would definitely pass it down to my kids.

My mother has been known to add sengkuang or jicama (a type of turnip) into the meatballs for extra crunch but I left it out. If I was making some popiah-like dish, then maybe I would consider putting this in (below).

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