Chicken with Bean Salad

I actually found this recipe in my stack of old recipe cards. But I can’t remember where they’re from….like a magazine or something. I tweaked it a bit in terms of the dressing and ingredients and came up with this. Initially I wanted to do a parmesan crusted chicken but I was lazy to break out the breading station. So a simple seasoning will do. You don’t always have to marinade chicken before you cook it. A simple salt and pepper will even do just fine.

chicken bean salad 3w

The salad came about because we went to Cameron and vegetables there do taste fresh and more crunchy from the market. The cherry tomatoes and beans were from there. The chicken was just added protein. I do believe that you can serve this bean salad with other proteins like fish or pork. Or even a skirt steak.

chicken bean salad

This dish is so colourful, it kind of reminds me of summer in a vegetable field. It might look simple but sometimes, why complicate things when simplicity is enough to make a good dish?

chicken bean salad



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