Chicken, Egg, Mayo Sandwich Paste

chicken mayo paste

This is my mom’s recipe. It’s her go-to recipe when she could not think of what to bring to a pot-luck or parties. I can’t recall exactly how she came up with this but I remember really liking it as a sandwich. Those days when I got older and school snacks were kind of canteen-staple, I would make this myself and for my friends so we wouldn’t have to eat rock-hard burger patties or watery laksa.

chicken croissant 1 w

Nowadays, I occasionally still make this for parties but I have noticed that people aren’t really into sandwiches anymore. Maybe if there was a road trip then this would go down easily and fast but not so much gatherings. I guess bread if filling and people rather eat something easy and light. But my current favourite way of eating this sandwich paste in with a croissant, a few sliced tomatoes and salad. It’s like a quick bite but still very healthy and fulfilling.

chicken croissant 2w

I’d rather eat this paste at room temperature rather than warm, even cold out of the fridge it still tastes good. Spread it on different things based on your fancy. Breads, crackers, bagels, baguettes….it’s versatile and delish every way.



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3 Responses to “Chicken, Egg, Mayo Sandwich Paste”

  1. S Guha says:


    Thanks for the lovely recipe. I would like to know how long this mixture would survive in the refrigerator. Since I leave very early for work, I would like to prepare the paste on the previous evening. I live in a hot country (India) so have to be careful about food going bad.



    • Sharon says:

      Hi Subhadra,

      It can only keep for few days unfortunately because of the eggs. Three days at most. But it is good cold or room temp, so you can make and store it in the fridge to-go.

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