Rice Month – Cheesy Baked Rice

Now this was actually put together from leftovers after leftovers. I must say this was probably one of those best dishes put together from leftovers ever! I had some leftover spam, cream, cheese, rice and like half and onion. So I decided to make cheesy baked rice, my version!

This baked rice dish was also inspired by the HK, Wong Kok Char Chan Teng menu. In case you don’t know what’s that, it’s an Asian eatery where they have like dozens of things on the menu, even instant noodles. If you want toast, there’s toast done in like 20 ways or so. They usually serve their baked rice in a bamboo steamer with the rice wrapped in foil. You can have a choice of different proteins like chicken, beef or even seafood. For my recipe here, I used spam….not the most healthiest thing on earth I’ll acknowledge but once in a LONG while, it’s ok. They also use spam a lot for the Char Chan Teng instant noodle dishes so I thought I’d go with that direction.

baked rice 2 w

This dish turned out to be so good and tasty. My son and I really enjoyed it. Hubster was a bit irked by the peas thing but he ate it anyway. I did not use the conventional bechamel sauce for this baked dish, rather I used my own quick solution to a cheese sauce using instant soup mix. This is because of the leftover cream. But you can go ahead and do a conventional bechamel if you feel you’d like it really cheesy! This dish is a definite keeper for those ‘not-so-healthy-but-fast-and-delicious-indulgences’.

baked rice on dish Collage

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9 Responses to “Rice Month – Cheesy Baked Rice”

  1. when run out of idea what to cook and have some leftover rice, this recipe just perfect, quick to prepare yet yummy to taste!

  2. Guntt Chart Beauty says:

    nigella express is the best cookbook ever and i have tried 80% of the dishes in it. all my favs. enjoy and for nigella feasts try the hot cross buns

  3. Guntt Chart Beauty says:

    ok lay i know i was suppose to comment on the rice…i just realised but you know me Sharon.

    • Sharon says:

      Babe, when i saw the name guntt chart beauty, i almost died laughing. Will definitely take my perusing my new stash of cookbooks. Miss you lah.

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