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Tools and Wares – Strawberry Clamp Huller

*Sigh, been feeling a tad uninspired lately so rather than do a recipe post, I’ll review this thingamajig here that I got from ACE Hardware store. It’s a strawberry huller, now for those of you who don’t know what a strawberry huller is, it’s basically something you use to remove the top stems or green […]

Tools and Wares – Latest Buy (2)

Front, side and back view I recently got this citrus squeezer from a convenience store near where I lived. Now I can see you shaking your head thinking, ‘What a wuss, why would you purposely need a citrus squeezer, what’s wrong with your hands?’ I had a rather unpleasant experience with limes when I was making my […]

Tools and Wares – Everything PASTA

Theme week is over but I still have remnants of pasta nostalgia left in me. And I already got my heart set out on this post. I like to share some products or tools dedicated entirely to the art of making and cooking pasta. I’m not endorsing any products, just giving my two cents worth […]

Tools and Wares – Latest Buys (1)

I recently rewarded myself with 2 kitchen gadgets that I’ve been longing to obtain. What were the rewards for? I’m a mother to a toddler, a stay-home wife and partner to a man and I still work from time to time….need I explain more? In fact, mothers should reward themselves every month just to make […]

Tools and Wares – Apple Corers, Slicer, Peeler

I shall be reviewing some equipments that I have in my kitchen from time to time. This post in particular is about gadgets that I own to either core, slice or peel an apple or do two particular tasks together. This one is from IKEA and it doesn’t peel the apple but does do quite […]

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