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How to store leftover tomato paste

I must say, if this tip is not new or rather I’m the last one to know about this, then I’m such a noob for being ignorant all this while. I actually came across this tip on Pinterest. I tried looking for the link again but couldn’t locate it. This was such a great idea […]

How to have steaming hot and soft reheated pitas

I have been feeling a bit off lately and have been falling behind on my posts. My brain and mood seem to be on indefinite freeze. So, I thought I’d do a tip post instead. This method applies to store bought pitas and homemade but leftover pitas. The thing about pitas is that you don’t […]

Tips and Tricks – Cooking Pasta

For this posting, I thought I’d share some technical stuff when it comes to cooking pasta. All these facts are based on self-research and personal experience. It is definitely open for dispute and subjected to further testing. But whichever opinion that’s headed after reading this, I hope in some small part, it’ll help to set […]

Tips and Tricks – Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs

Sometimes when you boil your eggs, the shells tend to crack and the whites would seep out, leaving rather unsightly nodules around the egg. It also affects how the inside would be cooked. You won’t get a nice yolk that’s for sure. I’m no genius in science but I think by adding vinegar, it changes […]

Tips and Tricks – Odour Eliminator!

Tips and Tricks in the kitchen……because we all need a little help sometimes. When I first started baking on my new oven, I had to figure out how hot the temperature really is on the inside, regardless of what it says on the knob. Maybe it’s just me but I have this feeling that machines […]

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