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Pantry 101 – Paku vs Midin

I thought it’d be fun to do a post on this based on my own experience of constantly confusing these two wild vege. Exterior

Pantry 101 – Pickled Green Chillies

Chinese New Year is approaching!! Bring out the feast!! Actually I’m still reeling over the post-Christmas bloats. But this condiment is so common everywhere you go. At Chinese wedding dinners is a must. It’s really easy to make your own and the ingredients are readily available. It’s perfect to go with any dish and for […]

Pantry 101 – Make your own Breadcrumb(s)

I was actually pacing back and forth wondering if I should do a post on this…making breadcrumbs hardly requires a recipe, least of all brain matter but somehow because the theme is stale bread week, I thought I should just include it for the benefit of those who are really clueless in the kitchen. If […]

Pantry 101 – Vanilla Extract

The vodka takes on a very dark colour from the vanilla, this jar of extract has been steeping for almost 4 months. I once bought a bottle of vanilla extract and it costs me RM30. It didn’t even last for two months. So by some good grace, Jaya Grocer was selling these vanilla pods for […]

Pantry 101 – Bird’s Eye Chilli Powder (Cili Padi Powder)

Bird’s eye chillies are really hot. And sometimes when you buy a whole packet, you’re not able to finish all of them on time. What I like to do before they start rotting is dry them thoroughly and then grind them into powder. My mother used to do this so she can bring some sort […]

Pantry 101 – Japanese Ingredients

If you have been a faithful follower of my blog, you’ll see that I love to make Japanese dishes. I thought I would let you in on a little sneak peak into my Japanese pantry to see what you can use if you ever intend to start cooking Japanese food. FYI, I’m not endorsing any […]

Pantry 101 – Vinegars

Japanese Rice Vinegar – Japanese rice vinegar is very mild and ranges from colourless to pale yellow. It is made from either rice or sake lees. Sake lees is fine sediment left over after the sake making process.

Pantry 101 – Glutinous Rice vs Normal Rice

Glutinous Rice (above) Glutinous rice unlike its name does not contain gluten, hence it is safe for gluten-free diets. Glutinous rice is also known for its many generic names like sticky rice, pearl rice, pulut, mochi rice etc. But be warned that among the different kinds of sticky rice, its taste and cooking methods vary […]

Pantry 101 – Fried Shallots

I have jars and jars of this in my pantry. Simply made from rose shallots that is peeled and cut into shreds and then deep, slow fry in hot oil. Strain and let it dry slightly before storing it in airtight jars. Goes with soups, noodles, stir-fried dishes, stews…..

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