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Photography – Citrus (Orange and Lemons)

The series this time around is all about oranges and lemons. Hope you enjoy them.

Photography – Cherry Tomatoes

Here is another series on a red subject. I just realised that although I have said I find shooting red to be challenging, somehow most of my previous series have been red! Haha, really not planned for. I never plan for a photography post, until I see some produce that just looks too gorgeous to […]

Photography – Ruby Strawberries

Hi peeps, something light for the week. My take on strawberries as main subjects. I’ve been on strawberries high lately and it seems fitting to have some portraits on these gorgeous reds. I’ve always find it a challenge to shoot subjects in red because when you edit it, it has a tendency to be overly […]

Edible Portraitures – Vintage Red

My take on a very popular subject. Although after seeing the outcome, rather than looking like the ‘vintage’ result I was after, I realised these pictures look more ‘Twilight-y’. 😛 Hope you enjoy them!

Edible Portraitures – Apples and Fall Series

I recently went and bought two big bags of apples because my son seems to be asking for them a lot. But as always the case, after I have bought them, he wants something else like grapes or bananas and would not touch the apples. *sigh….good thing you can always bake with them. But this […]

Edible Portraitures

I’ve created this new category just to showcase some photos I took of food or fresh produce because when I started out food blogging, this was how I trained myself to manipulate the camera and editing softwares to get a good picture. But it’s kinda sad that it’s just sitting in my dust ridden folder. […]

Curried Butternut Squash Soup – Back 2 Back

I had wanted to do this recipe during the fall season but like I said before, for some reason I couldn’t get my hands on a single butternut squash so here is a reminiscent of that period. The weather is starting to heat up again and air-cons are on full blast. Why make a spicy soup? I […]


This is my perfect salsa dip. It happened quite by accident. During a gathering in my house, someone brought chips and jarred dips. A salsa dip from M&S. It was a rather small jar, I asked my friend how much it costs. RM12 for quite a small jar…..hardly enough to feed about 15 people that time. […]

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