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Visual Gastronomy – River Cottage Veg Everyday

I want to kick off theme week; vege week by sharing what inspired me to do this theme, sure it’s not an uncommon theme and definitely very widespread in terms of ingredients but I recently watched the whole season of River Cottage (RC) Veg Everyday hosted by none other than the charming Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (HFW). […]

Visual Gastronomy – Rick Stein and his many conquests….

Rick and his ever faithful dog, Chalky Rick Stein is such a delight to listen to. Some might take his videos as too much banter of an old man but I personally enjoy absorbing all his quotes and quirky anecdotes, how he reference certain lines in a book to mirror the food, lifestyle, people or […]

Korean Mania! Visual Gastronomy – Sik Gaek (Gourmet)

This show revolved around Sung Chan and his brother Bong Joo. Sung Chan was descended from the line of a rather important royal chef. Sung Chan was adopted into Bong Joo’s family whose father owns this huge restaurant, well-known throughout Korea. Bong Joo, being the eldest, thought he would inherit the restaurant after his father […]

Korean Mania! Visual Gastronomy – Dae Jang Geum (Jewel of the Palace)

As I am writing this review, I kinda feel like I’m treading on dangerous waters cause any slip-up might get me hoards of hate-mails from loyal fans. Haha. Dae Jang Geum was the next big series to hit Malaysian shores after the emotional hype of Winter Sonata. I’ll be first to confess that I’m not […]

Visual Gastronomy – Masterchef USA

I just couldn’t resist posting about this show. I was watching episode 15 of season 2 yesterday night. Season 2 is currently airing on TV right now and while I had watched Masterchef Australia and UK, the American version has sooooo much drama and to an extent, you’d even wonder whether it was scripted. But… […]

Pastitsio – Greek Lasagna

I have ever even heard of Pastitsio until I watched this clip of Chef Rick Stein making this dish from one of his Mediterranean Escape series. Rick Stein and Keith Floyd flourished around the same time together to become established chefs. Rick Stein also made an appearance in Malaysia and claimed his favourite dish was […]

Visual Gastronomy – Jamie At Home

Visual Gastronomy is a category where I talk about the cooking shows that excite and inspire me. If they ever invented the TV that could release the aroma and fragrance of cooking, I’m so there to get one. But till then, we have to rely on our visual sense to whet our appetites. When I […]

French Onion Soup

I have this long ingrained love for onions and its family of all kinds. Onions are the most widely used vegetable and the most versatile. If you’ve been following the Iron Chef America series for a while now, they did this episode where the secret ingredient was none other than onions.

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