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My stock of recipe books….

This post was inspired recently by Shannon of Just As Delish who went around asking fellow friends in FB to share their stock of recipe books. Although I am not a recipe book junkie but I do have quite a stash collected at home. And I feel I have to break them down because they’re […]

Kitch Lit – The Joy of British Cooking

Here’s another book from my culinary library. And mind you this is a very, very, very old book. It was published first in the 1970’s. Looking at the appearance and the pictures on the cover made me think of Keith Floyd (bless his soul) in his hey days. Everything about this book screams the charm […]

Kitch Lit – Italian Food and Cooking

This feature would be about all the types of books out there or within my library, involved with food and cooking no matter how bizarre, common, unknown or popular. Kicking off, we have my huge hard-cover Italian cookbook.

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