Burger Quest #2 – Pork Burger

I thought I’d try to squeeze in one more burger recipe before the cork goes pop. 🙂 This time, this burger is all pork. Pork burgers are a big thing here because they’re so rare and also not every outlet can do a good pork burger. What constitutes a good pork burger? If you ask me, the pork has to be fresh and off good quality of course, it needs fat to be moist and juicy and it shouldn’t be overcooked or overstuffed with too much mix else you’ll lose the natural taste of the pork entirely.

Since hubster was the only one who got to eat my burger, I asked for his opinion, the conversation went like this;

Me; So how was the pork burger?
Hubster; Okay, it was nice….
Me; Was it nice, NICE…or just okay only?
Hubster; It was good, I prefer to eat things like this at home rather than pay so much $$ outside….
Me; ???? (don’t know what to make of this comment)   😕

Despite the vague rating of my pork burger, there is something that I’m really happy about which is my fried onion rings. I made some improvements from the last time I cooked these rings and this time I can happily say I’m satisfied with the results. They’re crunchy but not so battered that you can’t taste the onions. I’ve always felt that onion rings on fast food joints taste so artificial to the extent I wonder if those onions are actually real.

Like all other kids, my son loves his fries….whenever we feel like a McD meal, he waits anticipating for his share of fries so in his mind…when there’s burgers there’s fries. But with these onion rings, he never once made a squeak about ‘where’s the fries?’ Instead he was chowing down on the rings and eating his share of pork burger sandwich happily.

I took Swee San’s advice this time and did not add salt to the mix first. I only salted them during the cooking process. It did make the meat juicier and there is also this tendency to over-salt because you’re just sprinkling it on the surface. But I like that my burger was dripping natural juices when I held it in my hands rather than dripping grease. It sounds a bit messy but it’s a good-messy.

Of course, I must show my customary cross-section view….



Beef-Pork Burger

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