Braised Pork and Potatoes – Mum’s Style


When my mum made this, she did not have a specific name…so we kids called it ‘ho chiak bak’ which means ‘delicious meat’. The one thing which is a must for us with this dish are the hard boiled eggs. Pour the lush, thick gravy over the eggs and eat it with white rice, that makes all the difference.


I like making this dish because it’s pretty unfussy – and the best part is…leftovers. The meat can be used for fried rice, the gravy as a base for a kolo mee dish, I even like to add it to my maggi instant noodle.

pork and potatoes

Before I learnt how to make it, mum would always make some when I would be in Kuching and she’s pack it in those rectangular plastic containers for me to bring home. But the oil would leak out halfway and make the container all greasy. Her secret to this dish is using ketchup. The ketchup is basically for the sugar to balance out the saltiness and also when you cook it down, it gives a glossy shine to the meat.



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