Ayam Percik


In the spirit of Ramadhan, I thought I’d do some local dishes popular during this time. I must confess, I have never had ayam percik before so when I planned to do this dish, I would have no palate reference to say. But trusting my fellow bloggers who are more experienced, I took it on anyway. My only concern was how to get that nice char on top. I was afraid to use my grill pan because the surface would be uneven on the chicken and I was paranoid about overcooking it in the oven. I settled for the grill in my oven, set on full whack but I would keep watch on it like a hawk.


I decided to follow the recipe from Kelly Siew Cooks because it looks simple enough but I big up the portion of the spice paste because I bought two fairly BIG chicken Marylands or thighs. I needed more paste for the marinade to coat the entire two chicken thighs. Plus, I want lots for gravy later and you still need some for basting.


It is quite nice to have a cup of that nice gravy on the side, I don’t know if that’s how ayam percik is served but if you find it needs some kind of sauce, it’s always better to make more on the paste. Admittedly after I cooked everything, there was still a lot of gravy left, so these portions in the recipe could even be enough for 3 chicken thighs.


To go with the chicken and the rice, I made a quick dish of pickled cucumber and carrot ribbons with red onions and chillies. It is a simple mix of 1 part rice vinegar to 1 part water, 1/2 teaspoon salt and 2 teaspoons sugar. If you like it more crunchy, do it like an hour before serving. If you prefer it softer, do it 3 hours before.




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