Avocado Shake (Sinh tố bơ) and Feats of Feasts is 5 years old!

avocado shake

Although throughout July of 2011 I was writing contents for my blog, I never officially announced it till August. It’s more just to have something on the blog rather than announce it and have zero content. So 1st August is the official launch of my blog. I think throughout the years I didn’t bother to celebrate its age and just forgot after that. But 5 years should be something worth mentioning. I am grateful for my hubster for helping me set up this blog, to all the kindered spirit bloggers whom I met along the way, how much I enjoyed our gatherings and just bouncing ideas off each other and enjoying food in all cultures, colours and tastes. Initially I really didn’t think I could do this but really….don’t think, just do it. I was concerned at first whether my pictures or recipes would even pass as appealing…to prove my point; here’s the first ever recipe I posted.

Mushroom Soup

Yes, it lacks A LOT! But I think if you keep doing this and find yourself improving in different ways, you won’t be bound to the same style or looks forever. I really enjoyed this journey and hope it’ll bring more experiences in the future.

I had this avocado drink ONE time…in my entire life and in a rather well-known Vietnamese chain restaurant and I told myself there and then, I have to learn how to make this. But it got buried as a distant memory. Once in a while when I saw some avocados, I would think back of the drink but when I saw the price of said avos…it really put me off. Avocados here are pricey although sold widely. One avocado could easily be slapped with a minimum RM5 value. If I need to make this drink for more than one person, I’d need more than one avocado.

avocado shake

I guess after many years, I’d finally close one eye to the price for the sake of saying…yes, I tried making this drink. I got two avocados to start off, cause I wouldn’t know how much it would yield. I got the ones that are almost ripe but still rather hard on the touch. It’s okay to have it slightly overripe because you’re blending it up anyway.

avocado shake

The recipe calls for condensed milk, now I understand that condensed milks are different all over the world. So I don’t know what sort of condensed milk the Vietnamese would use but I felt it needed fresh milk to loosen the thickness. When you blend with just the condensed milk, it is very thick and would not go up a straw, that’s fine if you’re making an ice cream and intend to freeze it. If you are shocked at the amount of condensed milk here, I am using a full cream version. This compared to most local condensed milk is not as sickening sweet.

avocado shake

Of course the original version would be to use red bean but I opt for chocolate syrup instead. I loved it, kids loved it and hubster drank it all. So I will still make this once in a long, long while….when I feel indulgent and in a splurging mood.



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