AFF Philippines – Pork Menudo

pork menudo

This dish helped me discover the joys of pork shoulder. So much so it is now one of my favourite cuts. There’s just something about slow cooked meat when it’s done right. The flesh will pull apart without tasting too dry or too soft. When I first saw this recipe, it was labelled a ‘street snack’. How awesome, this will be more than a snack for me, this could be a meal in itself. The addition of paprika and raisins gives it that rather smoky, sweet and a little spiciness taste.

pork menudo

Hubster was not too thrilled about this dish, first it has that sweet note from the raisins and second, we ate it with bread rolls. But it can be eaten with rice as well, I just thought since it was a street snack, I want to taste how it would be like street style. I liked this dish though, it felt healthy even with all the protein. And it just looks fiery appetizing with all the red paprika and red pepper. But it’s not spicy at all.

pork menudo

I will admit that I do not know much about Filipino cuisines but after this dish, I am excited to try out more dishes.




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