AFF Korea – Royal Korean court stir fried rice cakes, Gungjung-tteokbokki 궁중떡볶이

rice cake stir fry

I saw this recipe in maangchi and was intrigued by such a wonderful name, Royal Korean Court…a dish that has roots way back in history but has gone though a lot of modern changes and adaptations. These rice cakes are very popular in Korea and they come in all shapes and sizes. They are even used for desserts. It is quite easy to make your own rice cakes and the ingredients required are not many but I opted to using the frozen ones just to taste how it is first because I never had a Korean tteok prior to this.

rice cake stir fry 3w

This dish is like a thick kuey teow stir fry. Totally delicious and not at all strange to the palate so I’m pretty sure loads of people will find it enjoyable. I changed the protein to pork because hubster was not a huge fan of beef. Even the egg stripes which was suppose to be a garnish, I kinda just added it into the dish itself because I didn’t want to waste a whole egg white. It is hearty and very filling so I would caution on the portion of the rice cakes. The vegetables not only makes the colour of the dish so appealing to the eye but they add great flavour.

452129_main I used this brand of Frozen rice cakes

You can also add these rice cakes into a kimchi soup or do the spicy version covered in gochujang sauce.


rice cake stir fry 1w


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2 Responses to “AFF Korea – Royal Korean court stir fried rice cakes, Gungjung-tteokbokki 궁중떡볶이”

  1. Kelly says:

    First time I see the rice cakes cooked this way, usually it’s in the red spicy sauce. I think it’s also very similar to the Chinese style fried rice cakes. Yum!

    • Sharon says:

      hi kelly, yeah normally i see the rice cakes drenched in the spicy sauce so this is a nice change. They do taste like the Chinese rice cakes but this is more filling and thick!

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