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How can one not do kimchi for Korea month? Kimchi is like the heart and soul of Korean cuisines and although it’s mainly served as a side dish, kimchi is very versatile and can be converted to many other dishes. Households in Korea even have special fridges just to keep their kimchi because when there is no time to cook or nothing else available to eat at hand, they break out the kimchi and poof! You have kimchi ramen, kimchi jjigae, jeon or kimchi guk.


But honestly, I actually contemplated in my head whether or not I want to do a kimchi recipe because I’m sure there will dozens out there who have already done a kimchi recipe or will do a kimchi recipe, but I wanted to do loads of other dishes that would require the use of kimchi…..why not just make my own….

kimchi 2

The first time I made this, I think I put too much chili flakes hence it looked very dark, but the second time I reduced it and it’s just right. This sort of recipe is really a ‘practise makes perfect’ kind, you can have a recipe but you’ll have to adjust it everytime till it suit’s your preference to the T.



I have a lot of the ferementing paste leftover, like I said, this could easily cater to a cabbage that is 1kg big. But I wanted to make daikon kimchi as well as cucumber kimchi, hence I used a smaller one. If you want to go all cabbage kimchi, just pick out a bigger one.


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