Acar Awak (Penang Acar)

acar awak

I will admit that I haven’t been contributing much to MFF ever since my last hosting for Sarawak, but this month is Penang month and that means a lot of yummylicious food and dishes. This acar really caught my eye and I do love a good acar. I have never tried this before and set out to make several jars of this essentially vege pickle….say for the pineapple.

acar awak Acar Awak after it has been steeping for several days….

The recipe and steps are quite long so I don’t see the point of rewriting the recipe and will just link you to the creator. I followed almost everything it says there, except I forgot to get fresh turmeric and substitute it with powder instead and also I used a fresh pre-cut pineapple instead of purchasing a whole head of pineapple, chop off the thorny head, peel off the skin and get rid of the ‘eyes’. Seriously if I have to do all that, I will be put off before I even start.

DSC03520 But if you really want to use
an uber fresh pineapple, skin and all…
by all means go ahead….


You can get the recipe for this really delicious acar here by Wendy of Table for 2 or more. My acar was a little on the sour side in the end, but that is easily fixable the next time I do make it again.

acar penang

And do try it, it’s so worth it and you can make lots to give away as gifts. Also I urge you to get in this MFF event, it’s really fun getting to know people and the dishes they created and a privilege to have these recipes shared out.


I am submitting this to Malaysian Food Fest
Penang Month

hosted by Alan of Travelling Foodies


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2 Responses to “Acar Awak (Penang Acar)”

  1. WendyinKK says:

    No prob about the pineapple la. If I could get the pre cut one I also want to leh.

    • Sharon says:

      i got it from aeon….i think maybe not as sweet than if you buy the ones with the skin on, but saves me a lot of time.

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