Five-Spice Fried Chicken using a product pre-mix

So, I guess this post could be somewhat of a product review too. I’ll admit I was drawn to the packaging of this pre-mix stuff. And I do love five-spice. I bought this one to try. Heng’s pre-packaged stuff had several types that’s used for steamed dishes, fried dishes, soups and braised stuff. I wonder if I should try them all just for the heck of it. In the meantime, I bought two types and will be posting a review about it. First, is this five-spice fried chicken mix;

Hong Shao Rou (Braised Pork Belly)

sticky pork

It is already the month of July through 2017. Where has the time gone???? We say stuff like this every year don’t we? Seems like for parents our year is scheduled more around exams and school activities for our kids and then you see that half a year has already gone. So of course, it is time to get back to blogging again, no matter how sporadic my postings may be.

Enoki and Asparagus Beef Rolls

enoki roll

It’s the third month of 2017 coming to a near end. How is everyone doing and especially to mothers of Year 1 kids? How are things coming along? Haha! I remember when my son went into Year 1. First two weeks were a lot of missing stationaries and torn books, or even spilt water all over the bag. In case some of you are unaware, my son was

Butter Fried Rice with Pan-Seared Salmon

rice and salmon

This dish is inspired by the rice. We went to our favourite western food restaurant and they have this dish which was simply called butter rice. Now I had many butter rice in my time but their’s was definitely different. When the dish came to our table, it looked sorta….tacky (for lack of a better word), but the aroma of butter was AMAZING. You could smell it a mile away.

Pork Shogayaki and Donburi

pork shogayaki

I’m just itching to make a lot of Japanese dishes lately, partly to blame were the animes I watched on home cooking. There is not really a plot twist in here and true to anime style, the scenes are always exaggerated and dramatic but the anime really have it down when it comes to making food look irresistible.

Salmon Baked in Foil with Lemon and Garlic

salmon in foil

Last Tueday we celebrated hubster’s birthday. Now although it is tradition we have practised in our family to have ‘ang jiu mee suah’ on all birthdays, frankly that time I just didn’t feel like I had the energy nor the capacity to cook a whole mee suah meal. And I have never bothered to make mee suah on my own birthday either.

Avocado Shake (Sinh tố bơ) and Feats of Feasts is 5 years old!

avocado shake

Although throughout July of 2011 I was writing contents for my blog, I never officially announced it till August. It’s more just to have something on the blog rather than announce it and have zero content. So 1st August is the official launch of my blog. I think throughout the years I didn’t bother to celebrate its age and just forgot after that. But 5 years should be something worth mentioning. I am grateful for my hubster for helping me set up this blog, to all the kindered spirit bloggers whom I met along the way, how much I enjoyed our gatherings and just

Italian Sausage Soup


I have sort of a love hate relationship with soups that have pasta in it. To me, once you add pasta to a soup it becomes more of a stew because the starch would thicken the broth and suck up all the liquid. I like more liquids than chunks of ingredients. But this soup, I must say, has both of what I prefer and I’ll tell you why. I precooked the pasta before adding to the soup so it won’t be so thick.

Milo Ice Pops

milo ice pop

Last week the weather got really hot and kid were begging for ice creams. Too much ice creams and the boy starts getting his chesty ice pops it is. How many of us when we were kids had ‘ice creams’ this way? It was the cheapest form of having a pop on a stick. Not that those in the plastic tubings were that expensive but I guess parents more often just use this to distract us since it takes a while to suck through everything .

Braised Pork and Potatoes – Mum’s Style


When my mum made this, she did not have a specific name…so we kids called it ‘ho chiak bak’ which means ‘delicious meat’. The one thing which is a must for us with this dish are the hard boiled eggs. Pour the lush, thick gravy over the eggs and eat it with white rice, that makes all the difference.

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