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Pictorial Fest from Home

I had some pictures left from my trip home recently. My brain has gotten a bit fizzled from all the yummy goodies so it might take some time to kick-back to thinking gear so I could write more. But for now, I wanted to post these pictures but they’re all so random so I’m just gonna lump it all into one post. :)

The ever present CNY tidbit…pineapple tarts

Some odd stuff I found;

Mushrooms the size of kidneys….

Deer tendon…supposedly good for those suffering joint pains due to dry cartilage

A mystery vege…I don’t know the Chinese name to it, nor the
English one, but it’s bitter and it reminds me of dandelion greens…

Some awesome stuff;

Tiger prawn, larger than an ordinary tablespoon and a normal-sized prawn

Top; Kampua noodles
Bottom; Mom’s hodge podge kampua….my absolute fav!

My favourite wind chime, it is very old and has lost all the brass colour but it is
one of the best wind chimes ever, I think….it made the wind sound
what it ought to sound like….

Just because;

Attacked by Angry Birds…

To all still on holiday, hope you’re having a blast!! :)

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