Kimchi Chicken Stir-Fry

kimchi chicken

I actually got inspired to make this dish from a version of a kimchi soup I’ve always been making. This is not dakgalbi if one were to argue it’s origin….just some chicken stir-fried with kimchi. It is a quick dish to go with plain rice for those days you don’t wish to spend time in the kitchen cooking up a storm. Your vegetables can be kept raw but then again, kimchi itself is already a vegetable. But nonetheless, you can use salad, cucumber, bean sprouts or potatoes.

Photography – Cherry Tomatoes

Here is another series on a red subject. I just realised that although I have said I find shooting red to be challenging, somehow most of my previous series have been red! Haha, really not planned for. I never plan for a photography post, until I see some produce that just looks too gorgeous to be eaten, I would try to capture its moments in a picture before it fades away.
cherry tomatoes

Eggplant Stir-Fry


I had this dish during my last trip to Cameron and had bought most of the vegetables from there too. At first I thought it an odd combination to have cherry tomatoes and eggplant together but they actually kind of work and taste great. So I when I got home I tried to recreate it from memory. The only thing different I added would be the mushrooms and chilli.

Red Velvet and Cream Cheese Frosting

red velvet cake

My little girl turned two recently. Do you know that making specialty cakes are not my specialty? And while I like to have more practise, I usually just do two cakes a year for my kids’ birthdays. But some practise is still better than no practise right? My hubster is quite picky with cakes. While my kids love cakes, my fridge usually has very little space to store a whole cake. But to be honest, after making this frosted cake, I am a little bit motivated to do more, whether there is an occasion or not. This cake took me two days, not because it has the level of difficulty that is like OUT there….but I can only do my bakes late towards the night when the kids are asleep and all the other chores have been taken care off. And with frosted cakes, you have to slot in the cooling period because you cant cut the cake till it’s cooled and neither can you frost a warm cake, the frosting will just melt away. So, making a whole cake like this requires plenty of careful time planning on my part. But I did it, I made it and I am quite proud of it although it is a simple cake.

Chicken with Bean Salad

chicken bean salad

I actually found this recipe in my stack of old recipe cards. But I can’t remember where they’re from….like a magazine or something. I tweaked it a bit in terms of the dressing and ingredients and came up with this. Initially I wanted to do a parmesan crusted chicken but I was lazy to break out the breading station. So a simple seasoning will do. You don’t always have to marinade chicken before you cook it. A simple salt and pepper will even do just fine.

Apple Cake

apple cake

I have been searching for a good apple cake recipe that doesn’t involve having to grate the apples or slice it into pretty thins and laying it out in a circle. Not that there’s anything wrong with such aesthetic but when you crave for some cake of some sort for tea, you want to skip such technicalities and just dive right in. The grating part, I don’t like because you lose a lot of the apple juice, unless it’s for some other specific bakes that does require you to lose the liquids. But preferable, I like big, chunky apples in my apple cake because frankly, when it’s baked, the apples shrink and sometimes you don’t taste any apples if you cut them too small.

Chicken Soup with Old Cucumber

chicken soup old cucumber

Let me confess, I have a small repertoire when it comes to Asian soups, not the spicy ones like Tom Yam and all but more those for family with small kids ones. My hubster and kids love soups. Like love, love. Me…I can live without them. But for the others, if I have to make dishes to go with rice, soup has to be in the menu. Sometimes this irks me because like I have to go and time myself to make soups two hours before. Or I have to spend on pork ribs or chicken pieces just for soups. My slow cooker is too small a capacity for four people eating. And if I use my big pot, I can have some leftover for the next day. My girl is not really great with meat textures yet, so I always have to make soups, pour it over the rice and feed her this way. But at least she’ll eat all the other stuff that goes with it.

Photography – Ruby Strawberries

Hi peeps, something light for the week. My take on strawberries as main subjects. I’ve been on strawberries high lately and it seems fitting to have some portraits on these gorgeous reds. I’ve always find it a challenge to shoot subjects in red because when you edit it, it has a tendency to be overly bright. So when I have a bunch of strawberries with me for my strawberry jam, I thought I’d challenge myself and see if I can make it presentable in portraitures. So here’s my series for ruby, red strawberries.


Honey Mustard Baked Chicken

honey mustard chicken

This recipe was a long time coming. Originally I did this chicken recipe to accompany a Japanese potato salad dish. But of course it can go with any other sort of sides. Baked chicken has got to be one the easiest and cleanest way to cook chicken although I can’t say it’s quick, at least you let the oven to most of the work. All you have to prep is just the marinade.

Double Chocolate Muffins

choc muffins

The need to make these muffins basically stemmed from my son who seems to always ask for those RM1 chocolate muffins sold at Aeon. It’s either donuts of muffins. Now I don’t know how to make donuts….yet, but what does that say about me if I can’t even knock up a decent batch of chocolate muffins? The problem is….I don’t have a recipe I go to for chocolate chip muffins or rather I haven’t found one. So when I saw this recipe on Ancoo’s Journal, it looks like a keeper. I modified the method of making it though because based on what the original recipe says, it doesn’t specify how you should mix the batter in which order of ingredient so I kind of winged it a bit.

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