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Photography – Pineapple

H all, haven’t been creating much lately or even picking up the camera. But here is a series I did on a pineapple. Hope you all enjoy.


Photography – Citrus (Orange and Lemons)

The series this time around is all about oranges and lemons. Hope you enjoy them.

orange and lemons

Steak and Potatoes

steak and potatoes

Steak and potatoes…..mmmm, just the sound of it makes you salivate doesn’t it. Ever heard the expression ‘meat and potatoes kinda girl’? I have been ‘treating’ myself to this steak meal every once in awhile when I’m in the mood. I had a pretty bad steak experience when I went to a chain restaurant that I’m almost tempted to name but I won’t anyway….just know I’ll never go back there again, I ordered an eye of fillet steak to be done medium rare and when my dish came, the steak was cold and it was raw. I think there is a fine line between raw and rare. Raw is when the eating experience just becomes unpleasant; hard to chew and hard to swallow. Needless to say, I never felt like ordering steak from then onwards

Fruit Juice; Orange Booster (Orange, Pineapple and Carrot)

orange juice

Recently we got into this juicing fad….not so much for the hype. My daughter for some odd reason, is SOOOO picky when it comes to fruits. She would NOT try any fruits, even something as delicious or as basic as a banana or a mango. Which puzzles me because when she was being introduced solids, she ate a lot of mashed fruits and seemed to like the taste far better than cereal or porridge.

Classic Devil’s Food Cake topped with Blackberries

devil's food cake

Wow, it has been some time since my last post hasn’t it? Next thing I know it’s already time to celebrate J-man’s 6th birthday. For most of you that didn’t know, I’m actually homeschooling J-man, so he’s going to be primary 1 next year. This year we have a more consistent schooling schedule compared to last year where it was lighter load. But this year he had to experience what is homework and ‘tests’ for the first time. When I say homeschooling, I mean I am teaching him at home. Currently I am not using a syllabus. I just buy loads of books and cover the topics indicated. So a lot of my time has been invested in the kids’ education, I haven’t had the luxury of creating or trying out new recipes. I still cook but I make like the normal stuff for our meals. With J-man turning 6, I don’t how to feel about it. Mixed feelings at best. Happy but also kinda sad, if that makes sense.

Chicken Soup with Goji Berries and Ginger Wine

chicken soup

Wow, it’s Feb of 2015. After Christmas everything was a whirlwind for me. My parents were around during Christmas so I made a big Christmas meal to commemorate their presence and of course, celebrate all things good in life. While it was such a challenge to have to plan and do the whole meal on my own, I am extremely pleased with the result. The only downside was, I didn’t manage to record or write down much of a recipe like last time. Still, it was a meal to remember.

Kimchi Chicken Stir-Fry

kimchi chicken

I actually got inspired to make this dish from a version of a kimchi soup I’ve always been making. This is not dakgalbi if one were to argue it’s origin….just some chicken stir-fried with kimchi. It is a quick dish to go with plain rice for those days you don’t wish to spend time in the kitchen cooking up a storm. Your vegetables can be kept raw but then again, kimchi itself is already a vegetable. But nonetheless, you can use salad, cucumber, bean sprouts or potatoes.

Photography – Cherry Tomatoes

Here is another series on a red subject. I just realised that although I have said I find shooting red to be challenging, somehow most of my previous series have been red! Haha, really not planned for. I never plan for a photography post, until I see some produce that just looks too gorgeous to be eaten, I would try to capture its moments in a picture before it fades away.
cherry tomatoes

Eggplant Stir-Fry


I had this dish during my last trip to Cameron and had bought most of the vegetables from there too. At first I thought it an odd combination to have cherry tomatoes and eggplant together but they actually kind of work and taste great. So I when I got home I tried to recreate it from memory. The only thing different I added would be the mushrooms and chilli.

Red Velvet and Cream Cheese Frosting

red velvet cake

My little girl turned two recently. Do you know that making specialty cakes are not my specialty? And while I like to have more practise, I usually just do two cakes a year for my kids’ birthdays. But some practise is still better than no practise right? My hubster is quite picky with cakes. While my kids love cakes, my fridge usually has very little space to store a whole cake. But to be honest, after making this frosted cake, I am a little bit motivated to do more, whether there is an occasion or not. This cake took me two days, not because it has the level of difficulty that is like OUT there….but I can only do my bakes late towards the night when the kids are asleep and all the other chores have been taken care off. And with frosted cakes, you have to slot in the cooling period because you cant cut the cake till it’s cooled and neither can you frost a warm cake, the frosting will just melt away. So, making a whole cake like this requires plenty of careful time planning on my part. But I did it, I made it and I am quite proud of it although it is a simple cake.

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