AFF Philippines – Pork Menudo

pork menudo

This dish helped me discover the joys of pork shoulder. So much so it is now one of my favourite cuts. There’s just something about slow cooked meat when it’s done right. The flesh will pull apart without tasting too dry or too soft. When I first saw this recipe, it was labelled a ‘street snack’. How awesome, this will be more than a snack for me, this could be a meal in itself. The addition of paprika and raisins gives it that rather smoky, sweet and a little spiciness taste.

Kimchi Soup

kimchi 3w

Wow, it has been a long hiatus hasn’t it? The last two months has been a whirlwind of crazy, what’s more the little ones had a bad stomach flu and was puking literally everywhere and on everything. I had to be careful about what they eat before they could ingest like solid food again. Not to mention the crazy weather. It was super hot the last few weeks. If I go in the kitchen just to cook our main meals, I’d come out sweating like I’ve gone to the gym. It is so hot. Makes me feel like I don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen. But good news is, there’s been a bit of rain lately so I might do some baking after a long time.

AFF Korea Round-up

What a month!! It has been a great pleasure to have hosted for Korea and I thank you all for your encouraging submissions. We have a total of 74 submissions!! It has been awsome seeing people try out different dishes with this country theme and I hope we continue to do the same for May’s AFF theme which is India Subcontinent. If you wish to view the submissions, they are displayed below. You can also view the Facebook album which has old and new postings.

Facebook Album

AFF Korea – Royal Korean court stir fried rice cakes, Gungjung-tteokbokki 궁중떡볶이

rice cake stir fry

I saw this recipe in maangchi and was intrigued by such a wonderful name, Royal Korean Court…a dish that has roots way back in history but has gone though a lot of modern changes and adaptations. These rice cakes are very popular in Korea and they come in all shapes and sizes. They are even used for desserts. It is quite easy to make your own rice cakes and the ingredients required are not many but I opted to using the frozen ones just to taste how it is first because I never had a Korean tteok prior to this.

AFF Korea – Banchan (Korean Side Dish), Seasoned Spinach

seasoned spinach

Here’s a simple, almost no fuss recipe for a banchan dish. While this is called ‘sesoned spinach’, I have found that you cant exactly use any sort of spinach especially since a lot of Asian vege are just labelled ‘spinach’ in English. To get as close to the original look of the dish, I think this ‘spinach’ is the best. It’s called ‘poh choy’ to some and while it does look like those Western spinach in terms of the leaves, the stalks are actually hollow.

AFF Korea – Kimchi Dumplings/ Mandu 김치 만두

kimchi pot stickers

Like I mentioned in my previous post, the objective of making all that kimchi was so I could cook up dishes like this! Kimchi dumplings or mandu as it’s called in Korea. I don’t know if calling it mandu means it needs to have a specific shape like rounded tortellinis as is the norm shape for mandus.

AFF Korea – Kimchi


How can one not do kimchi for Korea month? Kimchi is like the heart and soul of Korean cuisines and although it’s mainly served as a side dish, kimchi is very versatile and can be converted to many other dishes. Households in Korea even have special fridges just to keep their kimchi because when there is no time to cook or nothing else available to eat at hand, they break out the kimchi and poof! You have kimchi ramen, kimchi jjigae, jeon or kimchi guk.

AFF Korea – Korean Fried Chicken (양념 치킨 yangnyeom chicken)

korean fried chicken

I thought I’d kick off AFF Korea month with this popular street snack. Fried chicken in a gochujang sauce. They’re like buffalo wings Korean style. Gochujang is a savory and pungent fermented Korean condiment made from red chili, glutinous rice, fermented soybeans and salt.

Asian Food Fest #6 Korea Month

Do head over to see the previous AFF month; Indonesia.


I am glad to be hosting this month’s theme. Korean food originated from ancient nomadic cultures and traditions. The Korean cuisines of today have experienced interactions with various cultural and environmental progressions. Korean cuisine is largely based upon rice, vegetables, and meats. Ingredients and dishes vary by province.



korea-south-flag-140-p South Korea


My 2013 Christmas Feast!!

roast pork belly

Christmas of 2012 was really depressing for me…I just had my second child and was sort of high in this emotional roller coaster and while everyone was having a good time and getting in the celebratory mood…I was stuck at home tending to my girl and having to put up with a rather clueless confinement lady. Things were a lot worse when I keep seeing friends post their delicious Christmas spread on Facebook. Although confinement food is not the worse thing in the world, it is rather tiring when you have a cook with little or no imagination vested in the cooking. After the first week, I had to coach her instead on how to prepare certain dishes.

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